World's Fastest Hoverboard 2.0 With Racing Sound - Yellow - Gyroor F1

World's Fastest Gyroor F1 Hoverboard 2.0 Yellow With Racing Sound + Bluetooth Speaker + App Control

The Gyroor F1 impressive design was Inspired by F1 racing cars. With GYROOR F1 HOVERBOARD 2.0 You can see features as a Racing sound, Unique shape, Strong power, Fast speed, Sturdy structure. Gyroor F1 Hoverboard is the dream hoverboard you must have.

    • SPEED ADJUSTABLE - Adjust the speed in the app to ensure the safe riding speed of the riders.
    • ALL-TERRAIN RIDES - With 8.5 inch solid tires and 700 watts motor you can easier ride on grass, dirt, gravel, and wet.
    • BLUETOOTH SPEAKER INCLUDED - Built-in branded high-quality Bluetooth speaker brings more fun with the hoverboard. 
    • RACING SOUND - Feeling like driving a racing car when riding F1 hoverboard speed up.
    • SELF-BALANCING TECHNOLOGY - Hoverboard Self-balancing itself for safe and easy riding.
    • ANTI-THEFT SECURITY - Set touch warning in the App when someone is moving the self-balance scooter.
    • DIY LED LIGHTS - Set any of your favorite color lights by the app to makes the coolest hoverboard.
    • ADULT AND CHILDREN MODE - Easily change the riding mode in the App for adults or children.
    • SMART APP CONTROL - With GYROOR App you can see the Speed, Battery life, Changing lights color, Set Adult or Children mode, Switch the Anti-Theft Alarm, Adjust riding speed, and Troubleshooting.

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