Give Away From Gyroor

Hi friends, from May 21th, 2019, Gyroor would start a new activity for the people who like Gyroor hoverboard , We will give away a hoverboard from Gyroor every month.

Winner is comes from facebook, follow our facebook @Gyroor to win the gift.

 How to win:

1、Search @Gyroor on facebook,

2、Find the topping post, reply like and share this post on your facebook

3、we will choose 1-3 lucky guys every month who reply 'like" on comment and share our post.



2. Second Give away from Gyroor
Activity time: June 19. 2019-June 30.2019
 Winner: Jessica Grape
Prize:     $299 world latest unique electric shoes- gyroshoes from Gyroor.


1) Who will be the first winner?

The first give away from Gyroor
Activity time:May 20. 2019- May 30.2019
Winner: Lisa Zöeller 
Prize: $299 world fastest off road hoverboard warrior G2











Let's see who is using Gyroor hoverboard: