Gyroor T581 Hoverboard is one of Swift series of products , we publish G1, T580 before.

G1 is classic one, which we designed earliest, T580 and T581 is improved with G1 as a prototype, GYROOR Hoverboard is focusing on high-tech electric vehicles unicycle and two wheels products with great success,providing best service to our buyers.Consumer's safety is our top priority, all products have strictest production process,passed hundreds of thousands of safety tests to prevent hazards, which makes our products absolutely safe and harmless for all level of riders, we improved hoverboard all the time, you will find better one from us.

T581 is a new version of swift 

Here is introduction about T581

We have 2 version for the T581,  T581 with football tires( The wheel looks like a football, that's why I called this football tires). T581 with flashing light tires(The color of the light is automatically changed, can't changed by app). 



Customer Review

From Jose R.:  

he quality is amazing; it feels very sturdy and strong. It holds my weight of 210 pounds with no problem. I also like how the fiber carbon parts makes it feel strong and look sleek as well.

The dual motor is very responsive and powerful, I was amaze how smooth they are making the self-balancing feature. It is extremely helpful to anyone especially for beginners like me and my wife. It was helpful that the maximum speed of 12.0km/h can be adjusted using the mobile application and the children and adult modes make it versatile for everyone.

Bluetooth makes it a breeze to connect to the mobile app. The T581 is pack with cool features; speakers are good to play any music on the road and lights that change through the application allows you to change your ‘on the go’ look at the touch of a button.

One more thing to note is that the battery lasts forever. We played for about hour and thirty minutes and there was still some juice left.!!

From mxtr185:

This is the second Gyroor board that I have purchased and one of the main reasons I purchased this model is because I have experienced the quality and durability of the F1 that I already owned. I was looking for a board that was not as big as the F1 so my kids could use it easier and safer.

Packaging: This hoverboard was packaged in cut form fitting foam so it was very well protected. There was also an Amazon box that this came in which gave additional protection during the shipment process.

Quality: I knew from the Gyroor brand that the F1 model was very durable, even for an adult. I was hoping that this model would have the same build quality and it definitely does. This is my kids first experience with hover boards and I wanted something that would hold up well while learning. The size and weight of this hoverboard is good, especially for how solid it feels. The tires are really nice and work well on different surfaces.

Performance: One of my favorite things about this board is the self balancing mode which makes it super easy for anybody to try it, this is especially useful for me with it being a first hoverboard. This board is extremely responsive for takeoff, turning and stopping. The app for this board works well and can do things such as change colors, enable kids mode, enable self balancing mode and a few other neat features. I would like to see some of the stats change in the app as far as using US metrics. The speaker works well and is a nice feature to have.

Design: I really like the look of this design with it being an offload model. The foot pads are a good size for all different ages and they are very comfortable, even when riding for longer periods of time. The lights on this hoverboard are really nice looking and the lights on the wheels are even cooler looking in person.

Gyroor T581 is not sale in our official website, you can buy Gyroor Y1 hoverboard.