The Gyroor T580 hoverboard is an extremely affordable hoverboard ideal for kids and new users. With a max speed of 8 mph and 500 watts of dual-motor power, this hoverboard provides solid value and enough speed to satisfy most riders in urban areas.

Gyroor T580 Hoverboard

Speed & Range

The Gyroor T580 is a clean-looking hoverboard with two different colorways. It’s available in carbon black and pink that is ideal for kids.
The hoverboard is made with high-quality materials and is able to hold riders up to 220 lbs. The minimum weight required to activate the hoverboard is 44 lbs. The T580 is geared with solid rubber 6.5-inch wheels that provide a firm grip on most surfaces. It is not an all-terrain self-balancing scooter, however.
The overall sturdiness of the hoverboard isn’t as impressive as off-road hoverboard like the Gyroor warrior G2, but that can’t be expected at this price.


Gyroor is a reputable company that designs electrically rideable with kids in mind especially. Therefore, safety is their main concern. This care for safety is evident in all the design choices they make. Each hoverboard from Gyroor can be adjusted to Child mode, which more suitable for kids.
Like all of their other products, theT858 hoverboard is UL safety certified and thoroughly tested against all kinds of common issues. This means that both the board, the battery, and the charger meet all the latest safety standards.
On the front, there are two LED lights that’ll make you visible in traffic in low-light scenarios. As a cool little detail, the LED lights will change the color you like through Gyroor app.

Gyroor T580 is not sale onw, you can buy Gyroor Y1 or Y1S for kids.

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