Good news!
Gyroor G-F1 hoverboard hot selling on amazon now.

Why we call this hoverboard G-F1


racing hoverboard
The design spirit is to saluted to the race car, for the speed, for the passion, for all the restlessness hormone rushing in your vein.
Yes, you guess it right, it’s the fastest hoverboard ever exist now!
And surely, it is the hoverboard with app, the Two-wheel self balancing scooter.
Fashion outside and wild inside.

Want one?

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F1 hoverboard is making by Gyroor, which has a professional engineer team, who focus on the hoverboard for years, and with our passion in the design and manufacturing.
We have successfully provide popular hoverboard such as gyroor warrior hoverboard, and swift hoverboard as the best selling hoverboard.
Our purpose is to set the fire in your blood, let out all your enthusiasm burn!
Don’t let time passed in vain.
Don’t regret for what you haven’t done.
Racing this hoverboard ongoing!
Will you with us?