When you step on a Gyroor hoverboard, you feel the elegance, the power, and the beauty, Gyroor hoverboards usually come in great colors and designs. 

Gyroor F1 a personal favorite to a lot of customers is inspired by formula one race cars. Riding a Gyroor hoverboard gives you the feel of riding a luxury supercar on your feet, the powerful dual motors, the safety nonslip foot slaps, amazing SUV tires and blinking led lights and the slick design all combine to make you a spectacle. Riding an all-terrain hoverboard into a place where other boards cannot reach, with your speakers blasting everyone’s favorite tune can turn you to an instant start. Riding an app-controlled Gyroor hoverboard with all the controls in the palm of your hand is pure magic, you can control ridding speed, Wight mode, activate led lights to blink or steady mode, play music, set antitheft alarm, hoverboard lock and activate and deactivate self-balancing mode amongst other things. 

Gyroor hoverboards provide an experience without rival. It is no wonder their products which include, hover shoes, hoverboards for kids, self-balancing hoverboards. Hoverboards with Bluetooth and speakers are loved by hoverboard enthusiasts all over the world and sold out as soon as they hit the market.

Gyroor hoverboard, with its drive, technology and passion keeps setting records in the hoverboard industry and continues to bring the future to its customers. Gyroor hoverboard sells its boards on its website, amazon and through dedicated distributors worldwide.

Gyroor Warrior 8.5 inch All Terrain Off Road Hoverboard with Music Speakers and LED Lights