No matter what your electric skateboard skill level is, we have 16 not-so-obvious tips you might not have thought about. Here we want to cover some of the less talked about but just as useful e-skate tips. We'll start with beginners and make our way through the pro riders, so there'll be something for everyone before we get sucked into it.

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Tips for Beginners

  1. Slam on the brakes

Learn what full brake feels like in the real world, you never know when you'll need it, and you want to be able to use it safely.

  1. Understand braking at different speeds

Understand how the brake feels at different speeds. Because it's regenerative, it means the fast you go, the stronger the brakes may feel.

  1. Think protection

Think protective gear, just remember if you end up hitting a deck, you'd wish you'd given it a 2nd thought.

  1. Find a quiet place

Start in a quiet place. You don't want to be dodging cars on your 1st ride, and the extra space will definitely help when you're learning to corner at speed.

  1. Smooth trigger control

Go easy on your triggers. If your throttle on break control is jerky, it's gonna make standing on the board much harder, let alone trying to ride smoothly.

  1. Don't ride faster than you can run

Don't ride fast and you can run, anything can happen on the ride. And when you don't have the skills to do with it, being able to hit that eject button and run it off is definitely a good safety feature.

Tips for Intermediate

electric skateboard off road
  1. Maintain momentum

Your turn should be floored and smooth. The board should tilt in and out of a carve in one motion, and the speed you travel at should not drastically change.

  1. Look ahead

The electric board follows your eyes to be spotting your line 10 m ahead, and trust the board will go where you want it to.

  1. Use your modes

Being the right mode for upcoming terrain at the right time. If you need to move up a mode for a hill, do it on the flat and avoid stalling out.

  1. Find a friend

Once you're on the incline, find someone who's better than you to ride with, and it would drive your progression. There are dozens of local Facebook groups, or put a post in a main owns group.

  1. Correct tire pressure

If your skateboard uses pneumatic tires, check your tire pressure often, and maintain 45 psi. If it drops, you'll lose a significant amount of range.

  1. Grease your trucks

An electric board should be nice and quiet, but if the trucks aren't maintained, they can get squeaky or creaky.

Tips for Pros

electric skateboard adults
  1. Unlock custom mode

Unlock custom mode by using the Electric Skateboard Wireless Controller, you can adjust your custom mode to have more torque than kids mode. This is great for heavy riders, hills, and off-road.

  1. Learn to stop without brakes

Stopping without breaks. Many rides would argue that this should be a tip for beginners, but we all know people who get to an advanced level of writing without learning it. You can either use a foot brake or carve hard and scrub off the speed.

  1. Change what you do

Try something new if you have great board control, master another discipline of e-skate like sliding, longboard dancing, heavy off-roading or riding transitions, or pump tracks.

  1. Add some style

Lastly, style it up. Watching a good writer is cool but watching someone with style is truly inspiring. Style is unique to each person, but the aim of the game is to make skating look effortless.

If you have any other escape tips for riding an electric longboard, head to the comments right now and let us know. 

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