The electric scooter is an intelligent and convenient transportation tool to meet the needs of short distances. When entering public places, please always comply with local laws and regulations. For relevant laws and regulations, please consult the relevant local authorities.

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Keep in mind that whenever you ride in a vehicle, you may be injured due to loss of control, collisions, and falls. Please understand that you can reduce the risk by following all the instructions and warnings in this article, but you cannot eliminate all risks. 

Gyroor X8 - safety electric scooter

Active safety protection measures

  1. Do not let others use your scooter unless they have read the user manual carefully.
  2. Please take good safety protection measures during driving. Whenever you ride, please wear an approved helmet with a hatband that can conform to the head shape and can protect the back of the head, and wear protective equipmentsuch as gloves, eye protection equipment, elbow pads, and knee pads.
  3. Do not ride if you are not well or cannot follow the instructions or warnings in this article. do not ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  4. Please get off the scooter and charge it in time to ensure safety when the scooter power is low, the alarm is continued and the speed is limited. 
  5. Do not lift the scooter from the tire to avoid getting fingers stuck between the tire and the shell.
  6. Please check the scooter each time before riding. If any looseness or damage is found, do not ride before troubleshooting.


electric scooter riding safety tips 1

Safety Tips before riding

  1. Always wear helmets, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, and other safety protective equipment when riding.
  2. Check whether the power is sufficient and any abnormal noise or looseness before riding.
  3. Before riding, please gently press the brake handle to check the brake handle to confirm whether the brake function is normal and ensure the safety of riding.
  4. Riding on slippery roads is forbidden, especially on icy and snowy roads.
  5. Recommend not to ride on up and down slopes exceeding 15°.
  6. Riding on rainy days is forbidden.
  7. Not recommended for children under 15 years of age to learn and ride.


electric scooter riding safety tips 2

Safety Tips when riding

  1. Avoid sudden acceleration and deceleration, do not lean forward and lean backward too much, and prohibit speeding. when the battery power is low, please keep riding at a low speed and charge as soon as possible.
  2. Focus on protecting personal safety when the risk of falling and always adhere to the principle of " people are first".
  3. Do not put your hands in your pockets when riding to prevent unexpected situations.
  4. Do not leave the scooter in the trunk of the car for a long time in high-temperature weather.
  5. Always comply with the local laws and regulations and keep a safe distance between you and other people or vehicles when riding. 
  6. Ride in a controlled condition at a speed that is safe for yourself and others around.
  7. Do not frighten people in public spaces, especially children. warn people and reduce speed when passing behind them.
  8. Keep an appropriate safety distance with other riders, avoid danger and obstacles, and do not ride side by side unless there is enough space to pass through.
  9. Do not ride in the dark place, if necessary, reduce the speed, and stay alert.
  10. Reverse riding is dangerous, try to avoid backward riding.


electric scooter riding safety tips 3

Special reminder

Please speed up slowly

Sudden acceleration can easily cause the scooter to lose its balance and cause the rider to fall and get injured! This is a dangerous habit and is responsible for most accidental falls and off-balance injuries. Sudden dangers may occur during the ride, so ride carefully at all times. 


electric scooter riding safety tips 4

Safe charging

When charging an electric scooter, please choose an official charger and charge it in a safe, open, and ventilated location designated by the community. It is forbidden to charge in an enclosed environment such as a humid environment or family living room and bedroom containing flammable and explosive materials.