As the concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, electric bicycles have gradually become popular. Maybe you're also considering whether to buy a commuter e-bike or a folding bike. If yes, read on and think hard about your needs.

a man ride Gyroor C3 electric bike

Battery life: How long does an average electric bike battery last?

Generally speaking, e-bike batteries lose their efficiency after 3 to 5 years if used regularly. For example, if you store the battery in a dry place that is not affected by temperature fluctuations, you can keep it longer. Its lifespan can be drastically reduced if you don't use it regularly or store it improperly.

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Speed: What is a good speed for an electric bike?

Electric bikes are generally divided into 3 Classes: Class 1 and Class 2 allows a top speed of 20 mph, and Class 3 allows for a max speed of 28 mph. But many e-bikes can top out at speeds above 40 mph.

When cycling, 20 mph is the ideal speed.

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Price: How much does an electric bicycle cost?

Electric bikes vary widely in price. Generally, they cost between $500 and $10,000. There are some e-bikes available for less than this price, but they are usually made of poor quality materials, so buy with caution.

Brands: What is the best brand of electric bicycle?

You must be wondering what are the best electric bike brands? But it's not correct to talk about the best brands by bypassing price and quality.

If you are on a budget and only care about the quality of the product, then you can choose well-known brands such as Rad Power.

If you care about the price of the product, then you may need to give up some performance, you can find a Chinese e-bike brand, such as Gyroor.

Type: What are the different types of electric bicycle?

We all know that there are many types of bicycles, such as folding bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, etc. Electric bicycles are derivatives of bicycles, so there are many classifications, mainly divided into Electric Hybrid Bike, Electric Mountain Bike (e-MTB), Electric Road Bike, Electric Cargo Bike.

If you're just for general use, like commuting, exercising, etc., you can opt for a electric hybrid bike.

Distance: What is the best Ebike for distance?

Gyroor C3. It comes with a massive 360Wh battery, and it's estimated you can easily ride these bikes for over 20 miles on a single charge. Practical to meet your daily life.

Wattage: What is the best electric bike wattage?

eBikes typically have a maximum load of 265lbs. In practice, however, for people over 220 lbs (100 kg), e-bike motor power requirements can rise rapidly. On flat areas, a 450W e-bike should suffice. But in hilly areas, a 750W or more motor may be required.

If you don't weigh more than 220 lbs or just use it on city roads, the 450W motor will suffice.

Maintenance: How do you maintain an electric bike?

Maintenance of electric bikes is very simple. If you know a lot about bikes, you can do the maintenance yourself, otherwise ask a bike shop for help.

If you ride an e-bike a lot, you will need maintenance more than twice a year.

What you need do are:

  • Charge the battery whenever you can.
  • Keep tires properly inflated.
  • Check your brakes regularly.
  • Clean, lubricate and inspect your chain regularly.

Gears: Do electric bikes have gears?

Yes, e-bikes also have gears on them, just like regular bikes. The lower you set the gear, the easier it is to pedal. However, the lower gear also means the motor has to work harder and use more battery power.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the gear that suits you in actual use.


After reading this article, you also have a little understanding of electric bicycles. If you want to buy commuter or compact folding electric bicycles, please click the products below.


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