Father's Day is coming, how will you celebrate this big day with your kids?

Happy Fathers Day

Stay-at-home Dad? Or working Dad?

Either of the two, being a father is difficult - but it's also one of the most rewarding, life-affirming, and mind-blowing experiences you can accomplish in your brief existence in this world. 

As we juggle work and family obligations, days go by in just a blink of an eye. Sooner or later, our kids will grow up and before we know it, they're moving out and starting their own families.

We have a habit of celebrating the key milestones of our children. In their first year, we will never forget the joy of seeing their 'first times' -  their first smile, the first time they rolled over, crawled, ate solid food, said Da-da or Pa-pa, took a stride, two steps in a row, and ran! In the first-year baby book, we fill out every line on every page. It's fantastic!

Then our children turn one, and the sequence begins: first day of kindergarten, seventh birthday, first day of high school, sixteenth birthday, graduations, and marriage. As a father, you can make choices to ensure a high-quality time spent with your children. Spending time with them builds your connection, promotes their development, and helps fill their emotional cup. 

7 Ideas On How To Spend Quality Time With Your Children

Dad and Son Do House Chores Together

Do House Chores Together

Pick your favorite upbeat music and enjoy a dance party as you and your kids finish some chores. It is not just fun, but it also makes your children feel proud and responsible. Helping family members is beneficial to them and prepares them to be decent citizens in the future.

Family Eat Together

Eat Together

May it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, find time to reconnect and recharge after a busy day. Talk about how everyone's day went. It is your chance to celebrate victories, help each other through the tough things, laugh, cry, tell a joke, hear a story, sit and feel part of a family.

Children Get Crafty

Get Crafty 

Crafting with your kids does not have to be difficult, Pinterest-worthy, or even expensive. A lot of arts and crafts ideas are available online and they are just a click away! Finger painting, coloring books, creating papier mâché, making tie-dye shirts, vegetable printing, and teaching them how to make origami are just some of the classic things you can do. 

Dad and Son Cook / Bake Together

Cook / Bake Together

Cooking or baking with kids is entertaining and helps children develop life skills, build their confidence, and practice fine motor skills. Even better, assisting in the kitchen can convince even the pickiest eaters to try something new and perhaps expand their restricted vegetable palette!

Families Play a Game

Play a Game

Playing a game with your kids builds a bond that will last forever. It allows you not only to interact and laugh together, but it is also an important way for children to learn and develop. You can play different pencil-and-paper games, board games like Scrabble, Connect4, and Snakes & Ladders at home, or play fun outdoor games such as hopscotch, any ball games, making mud pies, pushing them on swings, and so on.

Families Watch TV Together

Watch TV Together

One of the great ways to spend the day with your kids is to binge-watch their favorite shows (from Cocomelon to Netflix series, depending on their current interests). You can plan on scheduling a specific day and time, do it while you are in your PJs, and of course while eating their favorite snacks. Sharing screen time is a fun activity and it provides an opportunity to discover new things together as well.

Day and Son Ride a Bike

Go for a Walk / Ride a Bike

Simply go outside, take in the scenery, converse, and get some exercise. It will be beneficial for you and your kids. You may also plan for a bike ride and go to places that your kids love and make frequent stops during your ride – maybe go to a park to play and eat ice cream, a beach to make some sand castles or just enjoy under the sun. You may even go bike and hike! 

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It is the quality of time, not quantity that makes meaningful connections.

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