In recent years, hoverboards have taken the world by storm. But do you know the hovershoes that use hoverboard 2.0 self-balancing technology? I believe it will be the next cool trendy gadget.

Gyroor S300 - Hover shoes

What are electric hover shoes?

Hover shoes is a totally new and amazing advancement in the self balancing technology. It was the revolution of the hoverboard, it takes a familiar design which sees it looking like the traditional skating shoes, but with the hoverboard technology making it really fun for riding it. Applies the hoverboard technology with self balancing function, electric motor wheel and in some cases comes with the LED lights, featuring two small boards each looking like a shoe.

And you ride on the hover shoes, it feels like you are wearing skating shoes.

This new look to hovering technology makes this gadget a unique piece.

Why hovershoes will be the next cool fashion gadget?

1. Self-balancing Technology

It adopts the latest technology, the self balancing hover shoes bring you into the hoverboard 2.0 generation, providing you the latest self balancing technology which assures improved flexibility and support for a more stable performance.

2. Easy to Learn

It's easier to learn, coming in a familiar skating shoe design, the hover shoes are designed to provide easy learning for first-timers. It is very easy to learn for beginners making it possible to ride it in a few minutes of learning it's even easier than riding the hoverboard.

3. Fun Enough

It also provides enough fun for experienced users making it an ideal choice for all levels of expertise. More fun with some coming with cool LED lights and other amazing features.

4. Split Design

The self balancing hover shoe provides more fun compared to the traditional hoverboard. It comes with a split design which makes it possible to ride one shoe as well as two shoes while experiencing a uniform performance.

5. Use As A Hoverboard

You can also add a metal tube to make it work like a hoverboard. It is basically limitless the hover shoe. Utilizes the latest self balancing technology to provide equal functionality for everyone.

6. Suit for Kids, Teens and Adults

No matter the level of expertise it, serves as an ideal toy for the kids. The recommended age for hover shoes is from 6 to 64 years old.

7. Performance

While providing efficiency and support for dancers and skaters, it guarantees a different style of performance.

Gyroor S300 hover shoes review

How Fast Do Hover Shoes Go?

The max speed of Gyroshoes hover shoes is 6.5 mph (10 km/h), the rider's weight affects the max speed.

Do Hover Shoes Explode?

No. Hover shoes with UL2272 not explode now.

How Much Does Hovershoes Cost?

When the hover shoes first came on the market, the price was as high as $500, but now, you can get them for $200-300. So far, Gyroor S300 Hovershoes is one of the best hovershoes brands on the market.

How Do You Turn On Hover Shoes?

There is a switch on each hover shoe, find and turn on it, the hover shoe will enter standby mode.

How Do You Use Hovershoes?

You can use hovershoes performance, roller skating, dancing,etc. Also, You can add a metal tube to make it work like a hoverboard.

Are Hover Shoes Real?

No, but before the real hover shoes appear, we should accept it. Hover shoes are not shoes, nor do they hover, but there is no other better word to express it.

How To Ride The Hovershoes?

Hover shoes are simpler than air-cushion boards, but simplicity does not mean there is no danger. Wear an approved helmet and other protective gearto minimize any possible injury. (Rider weight: 22-220lbs)

According these 5 steps to learn how to ride the hovershoes.

1. Vehicle Control Practice

  1. Turn on one mainframe, put single foot on the middleofthe foot mat, then swing back and forth to feel the control. (Note: Hovershoes no front and back)
  2. Switch to the other foot, then swing backand forth to feel the control.

2. Get Ready

Ask a friend to assist you on your first ride. Go to a large open area. Place both mainframes shoulder width apart and putthem into Balance Mode.

3. Stepping On

With assistance from your friend, put one foot on the middle of the mainframe's foot mat. When comfortable, stand straight and look straight ahead while stepping up with your other foot.

Try to avoid rocking backand forth.

4. Ride

With your friend nearby, slowly lean forward and feel the Hovershoes move forward. Slowly lean backward and feel it move backwards. Turn your whole body left or right gently to turn the Hovershoes.

5. Stepping Off

To step off, gently slow down to a controlled stop. Slowly shift your weight to one foot and place your opposite foot on the ground.

Hovershoes Safety Riding Tips

For your safety when riding hover shoes, please wear a certified helmet and other protective equipment. In addition, if other people ride your hover shoes, please let him wear a helmet and protective equipment, and explain to him the possible dangers and matters needing attention. 

Don’t ride the hovershoes before you read and understand these tips.

  • Do not ride on public roads, motorways, highways, or streets.
  • Do not traverse bumps or uneven terrain.
  • Avoid slopes steeper than 10°.
  • Do not ride through puddles or other bodies of water. Do not get the Hovershoes Drift wet.
  • Do not ride over holes, curbs, steps, or other obstacles.or other obstacles.
  • Do not carry any passengers. Do not carry a child. Do not ride when pregnant.
  • Do not accelerate when the Hovershoes tilt back or sound an alarm. Do not accelerate when the speed limiter is activated, s
  • Do not attempt stunts of injury of any kind. Always keep both feet on the foot mats.
  • Do not rock back and forth or shift your weight abruptly.
  • Do not ride on low traction surfaces (including, but not limited to, wet ground, loose sand joose gravel, and ice).
  • Avoid contacting obstacles with the tire/wheel
  • Watch your head when passing through doorways.
  • Do not lift the Hovershoes when powering on or after powered on. The wheels will spin, causing a high risk of injury.
  • Do not ride with high heels. Always ride with properly strapped closed toe shoes.
  • Do not press the edge of the Hovershoes while in Balance Mode if you are not riding them. Doing so could force the Hovershoes to move rapidly. lt may lead to serious injuries for you or others.

Now, enjoy the fun of riding hovershoes.

If you are looking for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Birthday gifts for kids, Teens, friends, Hovershoes is a good choice. Gyroshoes S300 - the hovershoes from GYROOR, is one of the best hover shoes in the world.