With the popularity of electric scooters, the demand for children's electric scooters has become greater and greater. When parents choose kids electric scooter for their children as Christmas gifts, what aspects should be paid attention to? The speed, weight, handle height, color of the scooter need to be considered.

Gyroor H30 electric scooter for kids

What Age Can A Child Ride An Electric Scooter?

Electric scooter is not only a toy, in addition to bringing happiness to children, it can also exercise children's independence.

But when you prepare an electric scooter for your child, you must consider his safety. Generally speaking, the child's age must be 6 years old or above.

Can A 5 Year Old Ride An Electric Scooter?

When you buy electric scooter for kids, you will find that the recommended age for most children's electric scooters is 6-12 years old or 8-12 years old. 

The maximum speed limit of most children's electric scooters is 10 mph, but for a child, it is still very fast.

So if you want to buy an electric scooter for a 5-year-old child, you need to buy a lower speed limit. Gyroor H30 kids electric scooter has a limited speed 5 mph.

Should I Get My Kid An Electric Scooter?

It depends on. Electric scooters can bring happiness to children, exercise physical coordination, balance, independence to go out alone, and can quickly integrate into the children's social circle when playing in parks and communities, and enhance their social skills.

But, electric scooters can also cause injuries to children. The most common injuries are cuts, fractures and head injuries. So before you buy an kids electric scooter, make sure your child has sufficient safety awareness and reacts quickly with his hands and feet. Or before buying an electric scooter, buy a regular scooter for your child.

How To Ride A Kids Electric Scooter Safety?

  1. Wear a safety-certified helmet of the right size to protect the head.
  2. Wear protective equipment such as knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads to reduce common injuries.
  3. Ride under the supervision of an adult or parent.
  4. Under the guidance of an adult, learn how to ride an electric scooter, such as how to get on and off, how to accelerate, how to decelerate, how to brake, and how to turn.
  5. Before children ride independently, teach the corresponding safety knowledge, such as how to avoid pedestrians, how to cross the road, and obey the traffic rules, etc.
  6. Do not ride in rain, snow, hail and other harsh environments and slippery roads to avoid injury.

How To Choose An Electric Scooter For Kids

It is very important to choose a suitable electric scooter for your child. A suitable electric scooter will make children more and more like it. If you buy an electric scooter that children don't like, it may be counterproductive. When you buy, it's best to let your child choose with you next to you.

Here are what you should consider when buying

  1. Size and weight - The height of the handle will affect the child's control of the electric scooter.
  2. Speed and range - Make sure your child can control the maximum speed of the scooter.
  3. Max load - The maximum load determines the rider's weight.
  4. Motor power- The greater the power, the faster the acceleration and the greater the control required.
  5. Battery capacity - Battery capacity determines the range of riding.
  6. Appearance- Different children have different degrees of fondness for colors, lighting, and shell themes.
  7. Safety certificate- Choose an electric scooter with UL2272 safety certification to avoid dangerous events such as overheating, burning, explosion, etc.

Note: Remember to buy helmets and protective gear for your children, which can protect your children and reduce injuries.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Kids Electric Scooter

The price of children's electric scooters varies according to size, design, material, motor, battery, etc., but the main price range is $120-$200.

Which Is The Best Electric Scooter For Kids 6-12 Year Olds

Gyroor H30 is an electric scooter designed for kids, 2 riding modes, max speed limited 5 mph.

Gyroor H30 Features

  1. 80w Motor, 21.6V 2Ah battery.
  2. Max speed 5 mph, battery one charge range 5 miles.
  3. UL 2272 certified.
  4. Height adjustable handlebar, 27.5-32.6 inches.
  5. High quality 3.5”PU wheels.
  6. Max load 110 lbs.
  7. Flash front wheel and colorful light.
  8. Net weight 4.2 KG, easy to carry and use for kids.
  9. Black, Blue, Red 3 color to choose.
  10. Cheap price at $129, lower prices on Black Friday Deals.

Time To Make A Choice

Whether you are buying Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, back-to-school surprises, or other holiday gifts for your children, children's electric scooters are a very good choice.