Electric skateboard refers to a skateboard driven by electricity. Unlike ordinary skateboards, these electric skateboards only need to press the remote control button to accelerate. Since the electric skateboard has its own power, you can focus more on enjoying the fun of riding the skateboard.

If you want to buy or learn more about electric skateboards, you can read this article on the advantages and disadvantages of electric skateboards.

Advantages of electric skateboards

1. Easy to learn and easy to ride (multiple riding modes)

Is it easy to learn how to drive and operate an electric skateboard? Yes, it is very easy. Electric skateboards have beginner, normal and expert modes. You can choose the mode that suits you based on your previous experience. It is recommended that beginners use learner mode to ensure minimum power and slower acceleration. This will give people confidence and learn how to skillfully use the remote control to control speed.

2. Hand-held wireless control makes driving easier

The electric skateboard has a built-in sensor and is connected to the remote control via Bluetooth. The rider can control the speed and acceleration by just pressing a button. A wireless remote control (called a thumb-wheel) can help you to ride smoothly while focusing on riding/road without pushing. This makes learning and riding a skateboard more fun than using ordinary skateboards.

3. Regenerative brake

These are battery-powered, which means they need to be recharged when they are out of power. To ensure that the battery runs longer than it can withstand, the manufacturer of the electric skateboard system designs it to generate electricity when braking. Renewable energy allows the system to run longer, especially on uneven landscapes.

4. High speed, long battery life

The top speed of an electric skateboard can reach 25 miles per hour on flat ground. This speed is amazing, and more than an hour’s drive can easily cover 20 miles. Some skateboards can run longer, but this will be affected by the rider's weight.

Disadvantages of electric skateboards

1. Weight

Electric skateboards are much heavier than ordinary skateboards. Because electric skateboards have built-in batteries, brake pads and motors. Therefore, it is relatively inconvenient to carry.

2. Max load

Although almost anyone can use ordinary skateboards, people with lighter weight have an advantage when using these electric versions. The maximum speed that a heavy person can reach, the cruising range will be severely affected, and if the battery is consumed too fast, the battery will soon die.

3. High price

The price range of electric skateboards is mainly between $200-$1000. Even the cheapest electric skateboards are much more expensive than conventional skateboards. If you want better quality electric skateboards, this is not a small investment.

4. Need to charge

When you ride an electric skateboard for a long time/distance to a place, it may be difficult for you to find a place to charge your skateboard. Although the electric skateboard can be ridden like a regular skateboard without electricity, but because it is heavier, it will make you more tired when riding.

5. Harder to maintain

Compared with conventional skateboards, electric skateboards are more complicated and have more electrified components. Once damaged, it will be more difficult to repair. If you replace with new accessories, it will cost you another sum of money.


In general, the advantages of electric skateboards still outweigh the disadvantages. You can choose whether to buy or not according to your own actual needs.

Whether you use an electric skateboard or a regular skateboard, please remember to wear a helmet and protective equipment.

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