Black Friday is here, are you ready? Are you planning to buy an electric bike as a gift for yourself or for family and friends? Too many choices, don’t know which one to buy? Don't worry, I will recommend you a suitable electric bicycle and why you choose it.

Which electric bike is best to buy?

Gyroor C3 electric bike is good to buy.

  • Price: $589
  • Max speed: 18.6 mph
  • Lange: 18-28 miles
  • Battery: 36Vx10Ah
  • Display: LED screen

Why Gyroor C3 electric bike is good to buy?

1. Affordable price

The price of Gyroor C3 electric bike is $589, which is very favorable compared to other products with more than one thousand dollars. If it is used for commuting, it will not significantly increase your investment and bring you financial pressure.

2. Easy to carry

Gyroor C3 is a folding design that can be put into the trunk of a car, making it very convenient to carry. During the car trip, you can take a bike ride to relax if you are tired.

Gyroor C3 electric bike, easy to carry

3. Commute, travel artifact

Gyroor C3 has 3 ways to ride, electric bike, electric assisted bike and bicycle. It can be classified as class 1 and class 2 electric bike, which can be legally ride on the road. The C3 top speed is 18.6 miles and the riding mileage is 28-38. It can be used for commuting and short-distance travel.

4. Double disc brake

Gyroor C3 front and rear wheels are equipped with disc brakes, which allows you to provide strong and progressive braking under any conditions to ensure safe riding.

5. High Quality Batteries

Gyroor C3 uses 36Vx10Ah battery power, the battery pack contains 40 high-quality 18650 batteries.

Gyroor C3 battery

6. Good Service

Gyroor C3 has one year warranty for other parts and a 6-month warranty for the battery. 100% satisfied, 30-day money-back guarantee, We support 7x24h customer service, any questions, you can email to

7. Good gift

Gyroor C3 has a stylish design, no gender distinction, and a maximum load of 265lbs. It is very suitable for adults. And riding an electric bike can exercise, lose weight, and make you full of energy.

Gyroor C3 electric bike, best gift for he/she

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So you can send it to friends and family members as a gift.