Hi, the shopping season is here, are you worrying about choosing gifts for your children? Hoverboard, electric scooter, electric skateboard, which one is best for your child? Let's make a simple comparison below.



Electric Scooter

Electric Skateboard





Max speed

10 mph

25 mph

28 mph





Hoverboard VS electric scooter

F1 hoverboard

A hoverboard is likewise referred to as a self-balancing scooter; however, it's miles one of a kind from an electric powered scooter in lots of methods. Electric scooters can be used for daily commuting or long-distance riding, but the hoverboard has a limited battery life and cannot be used for long-distance riding. Both use lithium-ion batteries as energy sources, and both use two rubber pneumatic tires.

Electric scooters have motors like hoverboards, but they do not have a self-balancing function. Please note that even with self-balancing functions, hoverboards are more difficult to learn than electric scooters. However, compared with hoverboards, electric scooters are very fast. The average speed of the hoverboard is 10 mph, while the average speed of the electric scooter is 25 mph. The best self-balancing scooters have large tires and are high off the ground to maintain speed even on bumpy and paved roads.

The electric scooter looks like a scooter in shape, except for the smaller size of the wheels in the electric scooter.

The average price of an electric scooter is $250, but the price varies greatly with the quality of the scooter.

Which is better to buy?

Electric scooters are suitable for daily commuting and are easy to control. In addition, there are many types of electric scooters, so you can choose from many options. But, electric scooters are not as thrilling as hoverboards. Consequently, in case you are searching out some thing thrilling and secure, hoverboard is a higher preference.

Electric scooters VS electric skateboards

Gyroor H30 electric scooter

There is not much difference between electric scooters and skateboards in terms of speed and power, but they are many differences in shape and handling. Electric scooters are easy to ride and manipulate, while electric scooters require traditional skateboarding experience to get a better riding experience.

The tires of electric skateboards are made of polyurethane. Compared with pneumatic tires, they are both uncomfortable and noisy.

Electric scooters are all-terrain due to the fact their larger tires and structure make them easy to journey on rough and uneven roads. Electronic skateboards are powerful, however they are not high off the floor and can not face up to the ruggedness of most terrain.

Electric skateboard’s deck made of bamboo or maple wood.; therefore, it looks beautiful and feels comfortable on paved roads, but the polyurethane tires are inconsistent with the flexible deck.

Electric skateboards are more expensive than electric scooters because the skateboard market is smaller compared to electric scooters with economies of scale.

Which is better to buy?

Compared with electric skateboards, electric scooters are easier to ride and are more suitable for crowded neighborhoods. However, when you have played traditional skateboards before, you will find that electric skateboards are more interesting on the go. Considering the layout and handling, we recommend using an electric scooter.

Electric skateboard VS hoverboard

Gyroor R1 electric skateboard

The two are surprisingly different, but we won't realize this until we study them. In short, the hoverboard is a safe way to ride, designed for those who don't like adventures. In contrast, the skateboard can reach a speed of 28 mph and is not equipped with a self-balancing function. The hoverboards can reach a maximum speed of 12 mph and have a self-balancing function, which makes them more suitable for children. However, both use motors and rechargeable batteries as energy.

Prices vary slightly; the average price of a skateboard is $300, while a good hoverboard only costs $200. However, both have high-end models that cost thousands of dollars.

Which is better to buy?

It depends on your intended use; if you are buying a gift for your child, then we recommend that you use a hoverboard because it is easy to control and learn. In addition, it also includes some fancy features, such as Smart APP, Bluetooth speakers and flash LED lights, your child will find it more interesting. In contrast, skateboards are not designed for children under 10 years of age.

Final comparison: Hoverboard VS Electric Scooter VS Electric Skateboard

The final decision on which type of personal electric car is better depends on what you want to do.

Hoverboards are usually slower and used indoors; electric scooters are slightly faster than hoverboards and are very suitable for long-distance travel. Electric scooters are the fastest among them and are usually used for outdoor adventures.

According to the design, electric scooters are often the safest for children and beginners because it provides precise control. Even electric skateboards are safer than hoverboards, but hoverboard designs tend to be smaller and therefore more affordable.

Finally, please choose the gift that best suits your needs.