Pro scooting is a very common sport. You can ride a scooter of any size for dazzling performances, but this does not mean that it will be relaxed, comfortable or fun. A Pro scooter with an inappropriate size will make it difficult for you to operate, you will not feel the fun of sports, and it may hurt you. So choose a good Pro scooter for you is very important.

Gyroor Z1 - Stunt scooter - pro scooter

How To Choose A Good Pro Scooter?

A good stunt scooter can make you feel like a fish in water while riding, so it is very important to buy a good Pro scooter. A trick scooter consists of many parts, let's briefly introduce each part.

1. Scooter Colors and Patterns

Everyone has their own favorite colors and patterns, which represent their different styles. And the novel colors and patterns will make you different and stand out from the crowd.

2. Scooter Handlebar

Scooter handlebar is the main component to control the scooter. When you buy a Pro scooter, you need to consider whether to buy a steel handlebar or an aluminum handlebar:

  • Steel handlebar- Compared to aluminum handlebars, they are stronger, but also heavier.
  • Aluminum handlebar- Lightweight structure and very durable.

3. Scooter Grips

Grips are where we hold our hands when riding. A good grip is a prerequisite for any skill you can do. If the grip of the handle is not good, the scooter may slip off the hand.

4. Scooter Fork

Some people say that the front fork is the most important part of a Pro scooter, like the front fork of a bicycle. It needs a good compression system, when you fall from the air, it can provide a good cushioning effect.

5. Scooter Clamp

The clamp is the part that fixes the fork and the rod together. There are three main types of clamps: double clamp, three clamp and four clamp. This number refers to how many bolts each clamp has. The larger the number, the stronger it is.

6. Scooter Bearing

The bearing is a very important part of the scooter. Bearings have an ABEC quality score, such as ABEC-5, ABEC-7, ABEC-9, the higher the number after the rating, the higher the quality of the bearing.

7. Scooter Wheels

The wheels of stunt scooters are usually 100mm, 110mm. For beginners, the size of the wheels has little effect on the riding experience.

How To Choose The Right Size Of Pro Scooter?

When buying a stunt scooter, 4 sizes are involved, the height of the scooter, the width of the handlebar, the length of the deck, and the width of the deck. According to the height of each rider, the size of the Pro scooter is also different.

1. Handle Bar Height

According to general experience, when standing on the deck, the Pro scooter rod should be at the height of the hip to the waist. This is the perfect balance of comfort and performance.

If the barbell is too far from the waist, it will be more difficult for the rider to control the scooter and may hit their face on the bar.

If the crossbar is too low, riding may be uncomfortable. The range depends entirely on personal preference for riding style.

Those who like to do a lot of whip and park tricks tend to prefer lower heights. In contrast, more street-style riders prefer taller bars for comfort.

2. Handle Bar Width

Riders have different preferences when choosing a width. A good tip is to choose a barbell that is the same width as your shoulders. Common range of 18 inches-22 inches.

If you are mainly technical skills, such as barspins, please choose narrow bar. If you prefer big air and no tricks to the rider, then choose a wider bar.

3. Scooter Deck Length

Determined by measuring the flat part of the deck from end to end. Anything that passes through the dull plate is not included. Most complete scooters have a length range of 19"-22".

4. Scooter Deck Width

The deck width of a complete Pro scooter is 4"-5".

The scooter deck should fit comfortably on the feet or shoes of the rider. Generally, the bigger the rider, the longer and wider the deck needs to be in order to place the feet comfortably during riding and tricks. The larger the deck, the more comfortable the larger rider. The smaller the deck, the easier the technique, and the overall scooter will be lighter.

What Height Should A Pro Scooter Be? - The Right Size of Pro Scooter for Rider

how to choose the right size of pro scooter

Which Is The Best Pro Scooter To Buy?

Gyroor Z1 trick scooter is worth to buy, price under $100, 110mm wheels, 4 bolts, max load 220lbs, design for 8+ kids, teens and adults.