After you own an electric scooter, you can use it for commuting to work, weekend trips, outdoor adventures, etc. This is very convenient for you, but you should do something after riding it. Just like using a car, you need to maintain the electric scooter regularly to maintain its beauty and performance.

Gyroor HR9 - electric scooter

How to clean an electric scooter?

  1. If you find any stains on e-Scooter housing, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe it.
  2. You can also use toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean the e-Scooter from stains, and then wipe it with a clean damp cloth.
  3. If you find scratches on parts made of plastic, use sandpaper or other grinding materials for polishing.
  4. Do not use alcohol, petrol, kerosene or other corrosive solutions, volatile chemical solvents to clean the e-Scooter. Otherwise, it will cause severe damage to the e-Scooter body and disrupt internal elements' structure.
  5. After charging the e-Scooter, it is necessary to re-closethe charging port with the plug. Otherwise, you may get an electric shock, or may have severe water damage caused by water falling into this port, may have severe water damage.

How to store an electric scooter?

  1. If you do not use the e-Scooter, store it in a dry, cool place, and do not leave the unit outdoor for a long time.
  2. Long-term sunlight exposure/in highly high temperature/over-low temperature can cause rapid aging of an outer body and wheels of e-Scooter or reduce battery life.

Electric scooter battery maintenance

  1. Do not use batteries from other brands to avoid a dangerous situation.
  2. Do not open or disassemble the battery to avoid electric shock. Avoid contact with metal objects to prevent short circuits. Otherwise, the battery may malfunction or injure the user.
  3. It‘s recommended to use an AC adapter that comes in the original configuration of the device, to prevent an occurrence of accident or fire of the vehicle. 
  4. Improper disposal of used batteries can cause serious environmental pollution. Please dispose of batteries in accordance with local laws. Please do not dispose of the battery together with food waste. Protect the environment together!
  5. After each ride of the electric scooter, please charge the battery in time to extend its service life.
  6. Do not store electric scooters and batteries in rooms where the temperature exceeds 50°C or -20°C(for example, in the hot summer, do not leave electric scooters, batteries in the car) or place the battery near fire. Because of these actions, the battery may deteriorate, overheat and even cause a fire.
  7. If you have not used the electric scooter within 30 days, please charge the battery and store the electric scooter in a cool and dry place. You need to charge the battery every 30 days to prevent the device from completely discharging, which will extend the battery life. Otherwise, there is a possibility of malfunction, and the warranty service will not be enjoyed.
  8. Riding an electric scooter at an average room temperature, the battery will travel a longer distance. Its performance will be better, but if the scooter is used at a temperature below 0°C, its performance will decrease. At -20°C, the driving distance is half or even less than that of a scooter under standard conditions. If the temperature rises, the driving distance of the vehicle will also increase.
  9. The standby time of a fully charged electric scooter is about 120-180 days. The battery has a smart chip that can store information about its charge and discharge. If you do not charge the battery for a long time, it may cause serious damage and you will not be able to charge the device again. Such damage is not included in the free warranty service.
  10. Do not disassemble the device by unauthorized people, as there is a risk of electric shock or severe injury resulting from a short circuit.

Adjusting the handlebars

Too tight or too loose handlebars of electric scooters are not conducive to riding, so we need to check and adjust the handlebars regularly.

Staggering of steering rack: using an M5 hexagon wrench, tighten two screws near the folding mechanism.

Adjust Gyroor HR9 electric scooter handlebar

Adjusting the brake tightness

The tightness of the brake affects the safety of our riding electric scooters. Too tight a brake can easily cause the brake to be too fast, which may lead to a fall. If the brake is too loose, the braking distance will be extended, and dangerous accidents such as collision may occur.

So please check the brakes of the electric scooter before each ride

  • If you want to loosen the brake, turn the nut counterclockwise to roll it out to the desired position, and then tighten the brake handle to check.
  • If you want to tighten, turn the nut clockwise to roll it inward, and then recheck it by your brake handle.
  • Please do not loosen or tighten the brake system overly and repeatedly check after adjustment to make sure it's suitable. And check your brake tightness and system regularly for your riding safety.
Adjust gyroor hr9 electric brake

Inflate the tires

Pneumatic tires have a good shock absorption function, which allows us to reduce bumps when riding. If the tire pressure is too low, the shock absorption function will be weakened, and the contact area with the ground will increase, thereby increasing friction and affecting the riding speed of the electric scooter.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the tire pressure of the electric scooter before each ride.

If the tire needs to be inflated, connect a connecting pipe to a wheel nipple to pump it.

First, remove the cap of the pin, then tighten the fitting, and then you start to pump a wheel.


Inflate the Gyroor HR9 Electric scooter tire


Regular maintenance of the electric scooter can extend the life of the scooter and save you money.

In addition, maintenance can also ensure the performance of the electric scooter, thereby providing protection for your riding safety.

If you can't do maintenance after every ride, then you can do maintenance once every week or every two weeks.