Every sport has its origin, prosperity and decline. Some may take decades, while others may take hundreds of years. The sport we are discussing today is inline skating.

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1. The birth of inline skates

It is said that the earliest inline skates came from europe in the 18th century. These skates are used for theater and music performances.

2. The rise and fall of inline skates

It became popular for the first time in europe in the 1850s, and the technology progressed rapidly

From 1880 to 1910, inline skating flourished, and ice rinks were popular with the public in Australia, Europe, North and South America.

Inline skating became popular again from the 1930s to the 1950s. This era is called the golden age of inline skating.

In the 1970s, inlinedisco became popular. In the late 1980s and 1990s, outdoor and indoor inline skating became popular.

The popularity of inline skating declined at the beginning of the 21st century and became popular again during the covid pandemic.

3. Why inline skates popular

In the 1980s, inline skating was a method used by ice hockey players to practice games during the summer. The rollerblade company produces hockey boots with polyurethane wheels, which are very popular among hockey enthusiasts. Then the popularity seemed unstoppable. Almost every family used inline skates. In the 90s, inline skating reached its peak.

4. What killed inline skating?

Inline skating is an extreme sport that requires proper training and continuous practice. If you neglect to follow the rules or fail to understand the basics, you will not be able to eliminate the continuing threat of harm. It takes time to keep your balance on inline skates. Learning to stop may be a new challenge for beginners.

Since no one built the facilities or infrastructure to support the sport like skateboarding and other popular sports, this accelerated the demise of inline skating. In addition, most people who participate in inline skating use it as a recreational activity-not to compete with other skaters-like skateboarding.

The 9/11 incident did hit people’s mindsets in some way, which led to a cultural shift. Statistics even show that in the year after the event, the sales of inline skates will drop by 35%.

5. Is rollerblading popular again?

Yes, starting in 2020, as americans turn to nostalgic pastimes and outdoor activities to stay entertained and refreshed during covid, inline skates are experiencing a major renaissance.

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6. Why use inline skating

Inline skating has become popular again, do you want to participate in this sport? The following are the benefits you can get by participating in inline skating.

  • Inline skating can improve your posture, burn 300 calories per hour, let you breathe fresh air outside-and "it is very good for your body and mind."
  • During this lock-up period, inline skating can help you make new friends and new circles.
  • Inline skates are not as expensive as bicycles!
  • Inline skating can help you improve your muscles and posture. It can also help you keep your balance.
  • The amazing fact about inline skating is that this game can indeed help you relieve stress and fight depression. This is good for mental health.

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