Speaking of roller skating, we have to mention inline skates and roller skates. So what is the difference between these two shoes? Let's make some comparisons below.

inline skates vs roller skates

What’s The Difference Between Inline Skates and Roller Skates?

The main difference between inline skating and rollers skating comes from the wheels. Inline skates have 3-5 wheels arranged in a line, while roller skates have 4 wheels arranged in two rows, which is the same arrangement as car wheels.

Is Inline Skating Easier Than Roller Skating?

For beginners, roller skates are easier to stand and maintain balance. But inline skates are more flexible in overcoming obstacles and turning.

Which Is Easier To Stop  - Inlineskates or Rollerskates?

Due to the difference in roller skate structure and braking position, the braking method is different.

How to stop inline skating with a brake?

When braking, you bend your knees in a semi-squat, lean your torso forward to maintain balance, and then extend a leg to let the rear brake push along the floor in front of you. This braking action is very natural and very easy for beginners to master.

inline skates with a brake

How to stop inline skating without braking?

Some inline skates have no brakes, so stopping is more difficult. You must learn specific braking techniques, otherwise danger may occur.

Without the brakes, you drag one foot to the back at right angles to the other to form a T shape. You drag the wheels in this vertical position along the ground, while using the bottom inner edges of all four wheels as brakes. This is more difficult to learn than stopping with a brake.

How to stop roller skating?

The brakes of roller skates are at the front, and you must drag your legs behind you to let the brakes rub against the floor to slow down. For beginners, mastering this technique is not particularly difficult.

Regardless of the braking method, you must practice more and master it proficiently.

Which is safer? Inline skates or roller skates?

Basically the same safe

According to a 2001 US Consumer Product Safety Commission survey, comparing the number of injuries per 1,000 participants in various sports, it is found that roller skating is less dangerous than some other more popular sports.

Indoor and Ourdoor, which is better?

Inline skates and roller skates work well both indoors and outdoors. However, due to the complicated outdoor road conditions and obstacles, inline skates are better and can run faster and farther outdoor.

Rollerblades or Roller Skates, which is better for me?

It depends on who you are and what you want to do.

  • For children under 7 years old, beginners, roller skates are better because they can provide better balance.
  • For wheeled derby skating, hockey skating, fast roller skating, etc., you need inline skates.
  • For artistic skateboarding, dancing, etc., roller skates may be better.

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