Whether you plan on bike commuting every day or just one or two days per week, you'll be spending significant time in the saddle, racking up many miles on those wheels. You need an electric bike that you look forward to riding every single day.

Buying a new bike is a big decision and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. We hope this post helps inform your decision if you’re trying bike commuting for the first time, or if you’re getting back into it, or if you need a reason to get a new bike.

Electric Commuting Bike

If you're often commuting long distances or live somewhere near a number of hills, I highly recommend considering an e-bike. The pedal assistance native to e-bikes makes biking, be it to work, the store, or just around town, a much more pleasant experience (plus, who doesn't like showing up to where they intend to go not covered in sweat?).

You can have the most stylish, eye-pleasing bike in the world, but if it doesn't feel good to ride, there's a chance you'll give up on bike commuting altogether. To make the most of your investment of both time and money, you need a bike that you actually look forward to riding. You need a bike that feels good.

Choose The Right Bike For Your Commute

How to choose a commuting bike? Choose a bike that will be comfortable to use regularly and something that will be practical for other activities outside of work, like traveling around the city or meeting friends. Don’t spend too much as you will be less likely to use it for commuting!

If it’s worth saying once, it’s worth saying twice: find a bike you think is comfortable. It doesn’t matter how fancy or well-engineered a cycle is if it leaves you sore and achy every time you ride it. Find something comfortable to ride first and foremost before worrying about squeezing professional-level performance out of it.

If you find yourself riding less than three miles per day, any bike will fit your needs. At six miles your ride comfort will decline without paying special attention to your seat and the height of your commuter bike, and anything at nine miles per day and above benefits from bikes designed for speed and ride efficiency. Ride smarter, not harder.

“My best advice is to try out your commute on a Saturday or Sunday to see if you can handle the distance and make sure it’s a safe route,” he says. “The shortest route is not always the safest. And pick the right bike for your commute. For a longer commute of 15 or 20 miles, you need a road bike. But for a shorter or flatter commute, you may enjoy it on a three-speed or a single speed bike. There may even be an off-road option where you can ride on dirt or gravel.”

Folding Bikes For Commuting

If you need to store your ebike inside or take it on public transport but space is limited, a folding ebike could be the solution. Most folding bikes feature smaller wheels, often 20-inch. The frames of folding bikes can be broken down, folded up into a neat little bundle and tucked away when not in use.

There should be enough clearance between the tires and the frame so that you can mount fenders (always check this when buying a bike). And of course, it should have the braze-ons previously mentioned, and possibly even have the front forks drilled with mounts for extra panniers. It should have at least one place to mount a bottle holder. If you are a thirsty kind of person or plan to commute 30 miles, it should have two places to mount a bottle holder.

Buying A Bike For Commuting Is An Important Decision

The final point to consider when choosing a commuter bike is that of cost. Simply put, you don’t want to spend so much on a commuter bike that it makes you reluctant to use it. Remember that commuter bikes are practical vehicles, not ornaments to gather dust at home!

How Do I Stay Safe Bike Commuting? 

If you’re fortunate enough to have terrific bike infrastructure (which is a major reason the Dutch cycle so much!) then simply following the rules may be enough. But the rest of us have to cope with shoddy or absent infrastructure, which may require an extremely defensive and downright paranoid approach to safety. Check out these safety tips for more details.

Dressing practically and for the conditions is as important as how you prepare your bike. If you commute in the city on a folding ebike, you may prefer to ride in casual work gear. If your commute is a long road ride, dress for this in bib tights, jerseys, jackets, etc. It is especially important to make sure you’re ready for wet weather. Even if you have a sunny ride in, keep a coat at work for the ride back because you never know when the heavens might open.

Wear clothing that can easily be seen by motorists.If you are commuting in the early morning or late evening hours, wear reflective gear and put a flashing tail light on your bike. For daylight commuting, wear bright colors that can easily be seen by motorists.

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