In recent years, electric skateboards have become more and more popular. This is an interesting sport and has changed the way some people travel. But as more and more people use it, people are beginning to worry about whether it is safe to ride an electric skateboard.

Is It Safe To Ride An Electric Skateboard?

It depends on. If you can use electric skateboards proficiently and wear safety equipment, this is not only safe, but also fun. But for unskilled riders, the speed of electric skateboards is faster and there is a certain degree of danger. It is best to use the beginner mode.

No matter what sport, safety should be the first priority. Below I have summarized 22 safety tips to help you protect yourself better when enjoying skateboarding.

1. Wear a helmet and protective gear.

Electric skateboards are faster than conventional skateboards. Once you fall from above, you will be injured. Therefore, it is necessary to wear protective equipment such as helmets, knee pads, and wrist pads. In addition, make sure that the size of the helmet is suitable for the age of the wearer, and adjust it to make it close to the head for maximum protection.

2. Choose the right shoes.

Do not wear flip-flops or sandals to ride electric skateboards. You should wear flat shoes or shoes with strong friction so that you can control the skateboard more easily.

3. Check your eSkateboard.

The entire skateboard should be checked carefully before each ride. Tighten loose parts and replace damaged parts. Turn on the motor and perform a test ride to ensure that the motor is running normally and the brake is not damaged.

4. Check the battery level of the skateboard.

Before riding, please make sure that the skateboard battery has sufficient power, so that there will be no accidents caused by insufficient power during the riding.

5. Check the power of the wireless controller.

Check whether the wireless controller has enough power, because the acceleration and braking of the electric skateboard are controlled by the remote control. Once the remote controller is powered off and shuts down, it will lose connection with the electric skateboard, you will not be able to accelerate or brake, and accidents may occur.

6. Proficiency in using the remote control.

The remote control of the electric skateboard plays an important role in safe riding, because it is necessary to use the remote control to control acceleration and deceleration.

7. Use the correct riding posture.

Riding posture is divided into regular posture and goofy posture, that is, the left foot is in front or the right foot is in front. The correct posture will allow you to better control the skateboard and stay away from danger.

8. Practice and train additional braking skills.

When the brake system fails, or the remote controller loses connection with the skateboard, you need to learn some additional braking techniques to stop yourself safely.

9. Plan for the worst-case scenario-practice "Fall Correctly"

Have you ever practiced falling correctly? Do you know how to fall properly so that you won’t hurt yourself? When accidents happen and falls are inevitable, if you practice falling correctly, you can minimize the injuries you receive.

10. Ride in the right weather.

Electric skateboards are not completely waterproof. If you are driving on a road with heavy rain and stagnant water, your skateboard may enter water and then be damaged by a short circuit. In addition, bad weather such as rain, snow, fog, and freezing is not suitable for riding, because it is easy to cause accidents.

11. Don't ride on rough roads.

Rough roads can make riding electric skateboards very dangerous. Please choose a smooth road with good road conditions.

12. Ride at night, make sure you are seen by others.

When driving at night, in order to ensure your safety, you need to install a headlight on the skateboard, with a reflective back, so that other roads can see you. In addition, you can also wear reflective clothing and install lights on the helmet.

13. Ride carefully and slow down when you see other people or vehicles.

When riding an electric skateboard, pay attention to the surrounding environment, crowds, motor vehicles, and obstacles. When you feel dangerous, slow down in advance.

14. Beware of dogs chasing you.

Try to pass them very slowly, they don't like sharp and noisy sounds, otherwise you will run away.

15. Stay away from traffic and ride on the bike lane.

Stay away from oncoming vehicles, and stay away from cars and trucks as much as possible.

16. According to your skills, choose the right speed.

Riding beyond your skill level is very dangerous, especially when swaying may occur at high speeds. If not handled properly, you will be at risk of falling. Before riding, please use the remote control to adjust the skateboard to the riding mode that suits you. In addition, practice more and improve your skill level to prevent this from happening.

17. Know who will ride your electric skateboard.

Don't let inexperienced riders board your skateboard without help or helmets, this is dangerous. You should inform him of the dangers of skateboarding and the serious consequences it may cause in advance.

18. Who can ride an electric skateboard.

It is recommended that adults over 18+ ride electric skateboards, and minors need to use them under the supervision of adults and wear protective equipment such as helmets.

19. Kids must be very careful when riding electric skateboards.

Riding electric skateboards for young children is a very dangerous thing, because their balance ability, judgment ability, etc. are very poor, and they cannot judge the situation in time and make the right choice. Therefore, you must first wear helmets and safety protection equipment. Secondly, adjust the riding mode of the skateboard to the beginner mode. Second, you must practice in a closed and safe place. Finally, parents should strictly monitor the children's behavior to avoid danger. When it happens, take corrective measures to protect children.

20. Regular basic maintenance, especially the brakes.

After each ride, please maintain your electric skateboard regularly. Check the tightness of your wheels, trucks, brakes, bearings, remote controls, batteries, trucks, and even tighten all the screws of the electric skateboard. (Especially when riding on rough roads)

21. Do not ride after drinking alcohol or psychotropic drugs.

This is not a danger to yourself, but it may also harm other people.

22. Comply with laws and regulations.

If you don't violate the traffic rules, you won't be hurt.


I hope that all of you can enjoy the fun of riding electric skateboards, but safety is always the first priority. I hope you can keep these safety tips in mind.