Hoverboard is hot now, more and more adults and children are beginning to accept the use of hoverboards for short trips or entertainment. But do you know some safety knowledge of hoverboard?

What Age Is Suitable For Riding A Hoverboard?

Many manufacturers say that children should be at least eight years old. However, there are many self-balancing scooters suitable for 6-year-old and 7-year-old children, such as Gyroor latest generation hoverboard, suitable for kids 6+ year olds (at least 44lbs). Others agree that children under five should not be on hoverboards because they do not have the coordination skills of older children.

Moreover, although most people's weight is limited to between 165 and 220 lbs, there is also a minimum weight to consider. Almost all hoverboards weigh 44 lbs, so keep this in mind when looking for the best hoverboard. These products depend on your weight to control and operate. Being underweight may mean that your child cannot ride safely or correctly, and may be injured as a result.

Here, I will deliver 5 friendly safety tips for you to keep in mind. Accidents are likely to happen, but you can take some measures to prevent or reduce accidents.

1. Wear Safety Equipment

You or your child should always, always, always wear helmets and pads-preferably knee pads, elbow pads and hand pads to match the helmet. I cannot emphasize the importance of helmets too much. You should buy these things at the same time you buy a self-balancing electric scooter. this is very important.

2. Practice Before Going To The Street

Let your kids practice for a while indoors or in the garage, and then send their neat new toys around the world. It usually takes some time for children to master the skills of front, back, left, and right movements. Give them a chance to master it before they walk on the sidewalks and streets.

In addition, for beginners, there should be someone nearby to assist, because it may be difficult for him to get up and down the hoverboard.

3. Remember, This Is Not Skateboarding

Make sure your child knows that this is not a skateboard. It doesn’t apply to halfpipe or downstairs tracks, or your child just watched any other fancy moves by their favorite skater on YouTube last week. This is to get from point A to point B without driving, biking or walking. In other words, the hoverboard is a kind of transportation.

Use hoverboards sparingly. Drops, shocks, or severe vibrations may damage the partitions in the battery pack and cause a fire.

If you see smoke or odor burning, please stop using the hoverboard.

4. Don't Charge Overnight Without Being Supervised

For one charge, the charging time for these things is about 2 hours. Never leave these devices unattended or charge overnight. Yes, the batteries are lithium-ion batteries, so they are safe, but accidents and malfunctions sometimes occur. So please keep this in mind.

Charge your hoverboard in a spacious area-as much as possible outdoors and away from flammable objects.

5. Buy High-quality Hoverboards That Meet Strict Standards

For the love of all good things, don't buy cheap hoverboards! Make sure you find a product that meets strict safety standards and is UL 2272 certified. The safety certification will let you know that your hoverboard has passed multiple tests and is a high-quality model.

The hoverboard looks interesting, but we must do it under safe conditions. Only in this way can we enjoy more fun.