We all know that electric scooters are time-saving, money-saving and environmentally friendly last-mile transportation, but it is rarely mentioned that riding electric scooters is beneficial to the rider's health. Unlike riding a bike or electric bicycle, riding an electric scooter is relatively static. However, it is surprising that riders can get some health benefits from riding an electric scooter. You will feel the positive impact of the cardiovascular system on digestion, as well as your standing posture and leg strength.

Benefits of Riding Electric Scooters

  1. Burn calories
  2. Lost weights
  3. Exercise
  4. Balance training
  5. Promote good standing
  6. Promote body coordination
ride electric scooter lose weight

How many calories do you burn riding electric scooter?

People are burning calories all the time, even if you just stand on an electric scooter, you will still burn a lot of calories.

A study by the University of Brighton found that riding an electric scooter at a speed of 4.6 miles per hour for 30 minutes, the rider will burn about 150 calories, which is the same as the calories burned by walking 30 minutes a day (150-200 calories).

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Can you lose weight on a electric scooter?

Yes, you can lose some weight. If you ride the electric scooter five times a week for 30 minutes each time, you can burn approximately 750 calories by riding the electric scooter alone. Although walking and cycling may burn more calories and help you lose more weight, riding electric scooters are still a good low-effect activity that allows you to burn more calories than usual.

Is riding an electric scooter good exercise?

Yes, riding an electric scooter is a pleasant way to increase your core strength. When you ride an electric scooter, you don't just keep your balance on the electric scooter with your hands. Instead, you can use your entire body, especially your core, to ride and drive your electric scooter. Since your body is always dealing with the state of movement during riding, your muscles will tighten and relax from time to time, which helps strengthen them. These muscles specifically include your arms, shoulders, thighs and legs. The effect of riding an electric scooter will not be as significant as exercise, but it is a very subtle way to strengthen muscles.

Riding an electric scooter can improve your balance

Riding an electric scooter requires balance. After all, you are standing in a two-wheeler. It is also worth noting that there is almost no foot space on the deck, so it is difficult to find a comfortable standing or riding position.

In any case, you need to learn to maintain a balance on an electric scooter in order to ride correctly and safely. To ride an electric scooter safely, you need to maintain a good posture and be vigilant at all times. Therefore, riding an electric scooter is also a good activity for children, because it can help them develop a good sense of balance.

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Riding an electric scooter can promote good posture

A key factor in maintaining balance on an electric scooter is maintaining good posture. This will make it easier to turn and move, and prevent stress on the body while driving. In addition, incorrect riding posture can hurt you in the event of a fall or collision, so it is best to stand upright on an electric scooter and exercise steadily.

Electric scooters provide riders with a better posture. Before you know it, you may have developed a good habit of standing upright. In the long run, you can prevent bad posture, hunchback and joint pain.

Riding an electric scooter can help you develop better physical coordination

Most people might think that riding an electric scooter just needs to stand up and turn the handle. But once you try to ride an electric scooter, you need all your attention and body parts to ride efficiently and safely. It requires you to focus on multiple tasks, such as maintaining balance on an electric scooter, turning when needed, accelerating, decelerating, etc. Therefore, your hands, eyes, body and mind must be perfectly coordinated to avoid any accidents or collisions. This is why riding an electric scooter can develop better physical coordination.

Is it worth getting an electric scooter?

Yes, it is worth to buy an electric scooter. In general, riding an electric scooter may not significantly increase muscle or lose weight, but it brings a lot of physical activity and can help you live a more active lifestyle. After all, it is better to do low-effect sports or activities than no exercise!

In addition, riding an electric scooter is a fun way to travel outdoors, explore the city, and commute to work or school without sweat. Freeing yourself from the congested traffic and enjoying the scenery along the way is also beneficial to your mental health.

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