Electric skateboards are becoming more and more popular, and it may be one of the coolest electric toys. Do you want to buy one impatiently? Before you read this article, don't buy an electric skateboard.

Gyroor R1 electric skateboard

15 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying The Best Electric Skateboard

1. Drive Type

There are 3 common drive types for electric skateboards on the market: hub motor, outer rotor motor and direct drive motor. Now the most popular is the hub motor, because it allows you to use pedals to drive like a normal skateboard.

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2. Skateboard Is Too Heavy

The two important things to consider before buying an electric skateboard are its weight and length. A big and heavy electric skateboard is sure to be annoying in the end. It is best not to invest in an electric skateboard that is too heavy and too big, because it will become less portable. Generally speaking, lighter skateboards are more suitable for riding and carrying.

3. Wrong Length Of The Electric Skateboard

The longer the skateboard, the better its stability, suitable for novices and long-term riding. The shorter the skateboard, the more flexible it is, suitable for masters or skilled performers.

4. Speed, Range And Charging Time

Most people know to check the three specifications of speed, range and charging time when buying, but do you know the true meaning of these data?

The data provided in the product manual is usually the data under the most ideal conditions, but you will not encounter it in the actual riding process, so you should refer to the worse one in the data range.

5. Low Capacity

The capacity of the electric skateboard is the weight that the electric skateboard can bear. This is also something we ignore when buying electric skateboards. If you happen to be a heavyweight person, be sure to buy an electric skateboard that can carry your weight.

6. Insufficient Power

A very important aspect to consider before buying an electric skateboard is its ability to run. Powerful electric skateboards can let you reach your destination faster. An underpowered electric skateboard is undoubtedly a waste of money. In addition, everything about electric skateboards is related to speed. Therefore, it is important to master such a powerful electric skateboard

7. Cheap Materials

Avoid investing in some cheap plastic waste. Electric skateboards should be durable and will not crack or break under the slightest hit. Although electric skateboards made of high-quality plastic are great, the best of them is actually bamboo skateboards. The bamboo skateboard is very flexible and will not break easily. Many electric skateboards are now durable because they are made of bamboo instead of cheap plastic.

8. Wheels Are Not Durable

In addition to durable boards, durable wheels are equally important. In addition, good wheels provide smooth and stable driving. Many people end up spending a lot of money on electric skateboards, but after a few rides they find that the wheels are broken. Electric skateboards with wheels made of polyurethane have the potential to last longer.

9. Wheels Are Too Small

In addition to having durable wheels, it is also important to install the right size wheels on your electric skateboard. Wheels that are too small will not allow you to use it freely on many terrains. Large wheels can also promote smooth and stable driving.

10. Inconvenient Control Method

Inconvenient way to control the electric skateboard can cause frustration, especially when you happen to be riding on a busy street. One of the best ways to control an electric skateboard is to use a handheld remote control. The handheld remote control can be easily navigated.

11. Too Noisy

If you plan to use an electric skateboard to commute to get off work, especially in many public places, you don't want an electric skateboard that is too noisy.

12. No Safety Certification

Electric skateboards will heat up after being charged or riding for a long time, and may even catch fire or explode in severe cases. Therefore, please make sure that the product has UL 2272 safety certification when purchasing, to give you an extra guarantee for your safety.

13. No Warranty

When buying an electric skateboard, a good warranty period is very important. You never know when your electric skateboard will stop working, you definitely need to replace it. Usually electric skateboards have a six-month to one-year warranty. Gyroor R1 electric longboard has a 6-month warranty for battery and a 1-year warranty for motor.

14. No After-sales Support

When you buy an electric skateboard, be sure to ask the specific seller for their after-sales service. If a particular electric skateboard fails to operate or cannot meet its standards, you will need to contact them.

15. DIY Electric Skateboard At Home

Yes, you can DIY an electric skateboard at home, which is cheaper than buying an electric skateboard directly. But you need to prepare the parts yourself, and then spend a lot of time to make them. And the result of the production may not satisfy you. Unless you are a master of electric skateboards, don't try DIY to make electric skateboards. Because once the production is unsuccessful, it will be very frustrating.


A good skateboard should have both high quality and good after-sales service. When you buy the most suitable electric skateboard for you, you should make a reasonable choice according to your needs, budget, and skill level.