Electric skateboard is becoming more and more popular now. It not only can be used as a convenient means of transportation, but also a very interesting recreational sport. You can ride it to wander around the block and perform various tricks in the skate park. Whether you are a beginner or a master, do you really know what an electric skateboard is?

electric skateboard

Electric Skateboard History

  • In 1975, the first gasoline-powered electric skateboard was born, and its name was motoboard.
  • In 1997, motorboard was banned in California due to noise and pollution.
  • In 1997, Louie Finkle invented the first electric skateboard in the modern sense. However, limited by battery technology, it was not able to provide enough power until 2004-2006.
  • In 2013, the electric skateboard was exhibited at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Showand was widely praised by consumers.

What Is Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboard also called "e-skate", "esk8" which is composed of ordinary skateboard, battery, motor and VESC wireless speed controller.

Electric Skateboard Motor

There are three common driving methods for electric skateboards:

Wheel Hub Motor—The motor is built in the tire and is wrapped in a polyurethane or rubber "sleeve".

Outer rotor motor—The motor is installed near the driving wheel and connected to the wheel by a belt.

Direct drive motor—placed between the truck and the wheel, and directly connected to the wheels.

Electric skateboard Deck

Electric skateboards can cruise at high speeds and off-road. Therefore, the stability of the board is very important and depends on the following factors.

Length - Achieving high speeds almost always requires the use of long plates. The longer the deck, the more stable the skateboard.

Wheelbase - The wheelbase is the distance between the front truck and the rear truck. A wider wheelbase provides better weight distribution and speed stability.

Flexibility - Flexibility is the ability of the deck to absorb shocks. Greater agility will have a negative impact on the stability of the device, so downhill racers need a stronger deck.

Electric Skateboard Speed Controller

All electric skateboards use an electronic speed controller (ESC) to change the speed of the motor for acceleration or braking. Most electric skateboards now use VESC (Variable Electronic Speed Controller), which includes advanced functions such as motor and battery protection, regenerative braking, and so on.

Electric Skateboard Truck

The truck is part of the T-shaped metal body under the two ends of the skateboard. It is very important and extremely durable. Just pay attention to "the bigger the board, the bigger the axle".

What Is The Point Of Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards were originally designed for local transport, but they are now more accepted as a off road thrill sport.

How Fast Does An Electric Skateboard Go?

The speed of electric skateboards is 18-28 mph, but some advanced or special skateboards can reach speeds of more than 50 mph. The fastest electric skateboard speed reach at 59.55 mph.

The factors that determine the max speed of an electric skateboard are: motor power, rider weight, terrain, and wheel size.

How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost?

The price of electric skateboards varies from brand to model, ranging from US$200 to thousands of US dollars. The most popular electric skateboards are priced between US$400 and US$2,000.

Is Electric Skateboard Safe?

Compared with ordinary skateboards, electric skateboards are safer in some respects because it has a brake system.

The dangers of electric skateboards mainly come from two aspects:

  • The hazards of the electric skateboard itself, improper handling, overcharging or damaged electronic board batteries may cause fire or even explosion. Therefore, it is very necessary to buy UL-2272 certified electric skateboards.
  • For various dangers and traffic accidents during riding, please follow the traffic rules and wear a helmet when driving on the road.

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