We all know that when you twist the accelerator, the electric scooter will move forward, and when you release the accelerator, the scooter will slow down. When we're driving long time or long distances, we have to focus on the accelerate, which makes us miss more of the scenery. So is there a possibility that when we are driving on a flat, straight road, the electric scooter drives at a fixed speed without us controlling the accelerator? Yes, this is the cruise function of the electric scooter.

What is electric scooter cruise control?

The cruise control first appeared on cars, and the electric scooter cruise control uses an algorithm to keep the electric scooter traveling at a constant speed. The controller of the electric scooter receives the signal from the sensor to control the power of the engine. Cruising allows you to enjoy a smooth ride with less hand fatigue.

Another advantage of cruise control is increased battery life. Compared to constant acceleration and deceleration, the vehicle consumes less energy when driving evenly. Maintain a constant speed and the battery will last longer and you can enjoy longer rides.

Do electric scooters have cruise control?

It depends. Not all electric scooters have cruise control, it depends on the make and model of the electric scooter.

Currently, all of Gyroor adults electric scooters have cruise control.

How Do I Active the electric scooter cruise control?

Different brand activation methods are different, please check your product user manual or APP.

The cruise control function of the Gyroor electric scooter is enabled by default.

How Do I turn on/off cruise control on my electric scooter?

The method of turning on the cruise control of the electric scooter is also different, some models require the control of the throttle to remain unchanged for 5s, and some require 10s.

Gyroor HR7, Gyroor X8's way to start cruising is to keep the throttle unchanged for 7s.

Although different models and brands of electric scooters have different ways to turn on cruise, the method to turn off cruise is the same: acceleration or braking.

Is cruise control really necessary on electric scooter?

No, it is not required. But it can make it easier for you on long rides, and you can get more distance in cruise mode.

Should I buy an electric scooter with cruise control?

Yes. While it's not required, but you can use it right away when you need it. Visit Gyroor folding electric scooter with cruise control.

Is cruise control bad for riding electric scooter?

It depends on where you riding. If you're driving on flat, straight roads, cruise control can make the ride easier and less stressful.

But if you're driving on twisty roads, the cruise control can throw you out of control when cornering.

Which model and brand of electric scooter has cruise control?

Not every model of electric scooter from every brand has a cruise function.

Currently, all models of electric scooters from the Gyroor brand have cruise control.

  1. Gyroor HR9
  2. Gyroor X8
Gyroor X8 electric scooter with cruise control

Does the electric scooter cruise control safe?

Cruise control is fun, you don't have to control the throttle to maintain a constant speed. So you can spend more energy to observe the road conditions and the surrounding environment.

Safety tips for electric scooter cruise control

  1. Do not use when driving at low speed
  2. Do not use in crowded places
  3. Do not use on rough roads
  4. Do not use on twisty roads
  5. Don't use it at high speed, some manufacturers set the cruise control to not work at speeds above 12mph.


The end result is that you should choose to buy an electric scooter with or without cruise control based on your real situation.