We all know that lights are very important at night whether driving, walking or cycling. Therefore, electric scooter lighting is a very important part, it can improve our visibility and be seen by others, and ensure riding safety. So how much do you know about the lights of electric scooters?

Do electric scooters have lights?

Yes. Adult electric scooters are designed with lights, and the common types of electric scooter lights are: headlights, brake lights, LED light bars, turn signals, and reflector. Some electric scooters only contain headlights and brake lights.

Gyroor HR9 has headlight and brake light, while Gyroor X8 has headlight, brake light and turn signals.

Front Headlight

The front main light is mainly placed in the following three places: the top, middle and bottom of the pole. The front main light is the most important light on the electric scooter, and some regional laws stipulate that electric scooters must have the main light.

The main light of the electric scooter has two functions:

  • Help us see the road
  • Let oncoming vehicles see us clearly.
Gyroor X8 headlight and rear light

Brake Light

Brake lights, also known as rear lights, are always red, although some models are yellow. It is mainly placed on the fender or at the rear of the deck. It glows or flashes constantly when you take any braking action. Some electric scooters have taillights that are permanently on.

Due to the design of the electric scooter, the brake light is installed in a low position, and even the best tail light does not work well. So when you are riding at night, you can hang an LED light on the back of your backpack, or clothes to alert vehicles approaching you from behind.

Turn signal

The turn signals are mainly installed on the front side of the deck and the rear side of the deck.

At present, turn signal lights are not very common on electric scooters, but more and more new products have begun to be equipped. The Gyroor X8 electric scooter is equipped with turn signals. They are usually orange and can be controlled with a switch when you need to turn.

LED light bar

The LED light bar is mainly installed on the sides of the electric scooter board or on the pole. It is a good way to let other traffic participants know your location. But for many scooter riders, the LED light bar is just a decoration, sometimes they It will also add light bars of various colors and shapes.


Reflectors are usually installed on both sides of the deck, above the fenders.

Most of the reflectors are yellow, orange or white. When lights from other vehicles hit it, it reflects light. Reflective lights play a certain role in the safety of electric scooters riding at night.

Can I ride e-scooter at night?

Yes. But your electric scooter must have a complete lighting system, and please wear a safety helmet.

10+ Safety tips to ride electric scooter at night

Some people like to drive at night because of the unique scenery. However, driving at night with insufficient lights may be dangerous. Here are some safety tips for electric scooters to drive at night.

  1. Always wear a helmet and protective gear
  2. Check your scooter's battery, brakes, tires, lights, etc. before riding
  3. Obey the traffic rules and drive safely
  4. Comply with local night riding laws
  5. Always keep your headlights on
  6. Wear reflective clothing so others can see you
  7. Slow down and don't drive too fast.
  8. Choose well-lit roads when riding
  9. Stay alert and watch out for pedestrians and other vehicles
  10. Be extra vigilant at dusk and dawn, when the light is especially dim
  11. Carry a charged mobile phone with you for emergency call
  12. Do not go to dangerous places alone

Can I add a bike light to my electric scooter?

Yes, some electric scooters headlights not bright enough and don't shine far enough. So you can add an extra bike light.


Electric scooter lights are very important when riding at night. Correct use of lights can ensure the safety of riders. If you find your headlights are not bright enough, you can add an extra bike light. Riding at night, safety first, always wear a helmet and safety equipment.