As the concept of energy saving and environmental protection becomes popular around the world, more and more people are beginning to use electric bikes for travel, the foldable electric bike is a good choice. How to buy the best folding electric bike suit for you? Below is a simple guide for.

How To Choose The Best Folding Electric Bike

Buying the most suitable electric bike for you needs to consider many factors, such as riding location, riding frequency, usage, price, etc.

1. How Do You Use The Folding Electric Bike

First you need to determine the purpose of the foldable electric bike. For example, it is used for weekend leisure cycling, short trips or daily commuting.

For leisure cycling, you may need the folding electric bike with big wheels, such as 20” or bigger.

For short trips, you need the folding bike with long range, because once you go out, it is difficult to find a place to charge.

For daily commuting, you need a small, light and easy-to-carry bike, so you need to choose those folding electric bikes with small wheels.

2. Where You Ride The Folding eBike

If you have been driving in the city or on flat roads, there are no special requirements for folding electric bikes.

If you often go uphill and downhill, you need to choose a folding electric bike with larger wheels, with wheels at least 20 inches in size.

If you want to off-road, then you need to choose a folding electric bike with wide wheels or off-road tires with shock absorption.

3. e-Bikes Motor

The motor of electric bikes varies by brand and model. Electric bike motors have 200w, 250w, 500w, 750w, 1000w, 2000w, 3000w, 5000w, etc. 

electric bike motor 450w

For Class 1, Class 2 electric bike, 500w motor is enough, for class 3 ebike, you may need 500w, 750w motor.

4. Electric Bike Battery Capacity

The battery capacity determines the time and maximum mileage you can ride. Common battery specifications are 36V 10Ah, 48V 10Ah, 60V 10Ah.

electric bike battery capacity

The larger the battery capacity, the longer the riding time and distance. The mileage of an electric bike with a capacity of 36V 10Ah is about 20-30 miles, so you can choose the right battery according to your needs. Note: The rider's weight and road conditions have a great influence on the mileage, so a reasonable choice is required.

5. Electric Bike Speed

Due to the speed limiter, the maximum speed of an electric bike has an upper limit. Class 1, Class 2 electric bike top speed is 20 mph, Class 3 electric bike top speed is 28 mph. So please choose the correct category of folding electric bikes.

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6. What Size Folding Electric Bike Do I Need?

If your folding electric bike is for commuting, then an electric bike with 14 inches or smaller wheels is suitable for you. Because the smaller the wheel, the smaller the volume after folding, making it easier to carry.

If you are riding for a long time or for a long distance, you can choose a larger wheel, such as 20 inches, because the large wheels can make you ride more comfortable.

7. The Weight And Maximum Load Of The Electric Bicycle

The weight of a folding electric bike determines whether it is easy to carry. If it is too heavy, it will become difficult when you take the flyover or stairs.

Gyroor C3 folding electric bike max load 265 lbs

Due to design reasons, the maximum load of a folding electric bicycle may not be very large, generally 100KG or 120KG. If your weight is heavier, then choose a folding electric bicycle with a large load and large wheels.

8. Folding Electric Bike Price

Your budget ultimately determines what kind of folding electric bike you can buy.

The affordable price of a commuter folding electric bike is $600+.

Electric mountain bikes and electric dirt bikes are more expensive, and you may spend thousands of dollars.

Gyroor C3 folding electric bike is designed for commuting with affordable price under $600, free shipping.

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9. After-sales And Warranty Terms

A good after-sales service and warranty terms are very important. Because no one knows what problems will occur during the use of the product.

We Gyroor support 7x24 customer service, 1 year warranty for the electric bike and 6 month for battery.

Are Folding Electric Bicycle Good For Long Rides?

Folding electric bicycles are generally small and may be a little uncomfortable to ride for a long time. If you need to ride for a long time, please buy a folding electric bike with larger wheels.

How Long Does It Take To Fold A Bike?

The speed of a bike folds depends on its design and folding method. The fastest folding electric bike takes about 10 seconds, and some slower folding bikes take 10 minutes or more to disassemble. I prefer bikes that do not require tools to fold.

What Is The Best Commuter Bike?

Folding electric bikes are the best bikes for commuting. They are easy to carry and can be taken on trains, bus, subways, etc., seamlessly integrate your ride with public transportation, and take the fastest and most efficient route to your final destination.

Which Is The Best Folding Electric Bike?

There is no best electric bike in the world, only the best electric bike for you. Please make the right choice according to your needs and budget.

For commuting, you can choose our Gyroor C3 folding electric bike, max speed 18.6 mph, max range 28 miles, 450w motor, 3 riding modes.

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