If you observe carefully on the way to and from get off work, you will find electric bikes everywhere. So what is the price of electric bikes? And how much does it cost to charge the battery of an electric bike in actual use?

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What Are Electric Bikes?

The electric bike also called electric bicycle, e-bike, eBike,etc. It is a regular bike integrated with a motor to assist propulsion. Also you can ride with the pedal manual. There are many types of electric bikes around the world, but they can generally be divided into two categories: Electric power assist, making it easier for you to step on the pedal, and throttle-powered, riding like a light-powered motorcycle.

How Much Is An Electric Bike Cost

Electric bikes can be divided into many types according to different purposes, such as mountain bikes, cruisers, BMX, etc. But according to the needs of ordinary people, such as commuting, short-distance trips, common adult electric bikes are enough.

According to statistics on the price of Amazon adult electric bikes, 16% electric bikes price under $500, 13% electric bikes price between $500-$750, 11% electric bike price between $750-$1000, and 15% electric bike price between $1000-$2000, 17% electric bike price between $2000-$3000,21% electric bike price between 3000-5000, 7% electric bike price between 5000-10000, electric bike with a price of more than 10,000 can be ignored . 

You can clearly view the data from the chart below.




























Adult electric bike price on Amazon

How Much Does A Good Electric Bike Cost

According to our previous statistics, from the price analysis, if you need a good electric bike, then you may need to spend at least $1000, because electric bikes above $1000 account for 60% of the total.

But when we buy electric bikes, the most suitable electric bike for you is a good electric bike. Because everyone's purpose, needs, and budget are different.

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Why Buy Electric Bike

People buy electric bikes mainly for traveling (commuting) and exercising. But the benefits of electric bikes are more than these points, the following briefly enumerate the benefits of electric bikes.

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Make Exercise Easier
  3. Make Your Blood Full Of Vitality
  4. Reduce Cardiovascular Disease
  5. Smart Commuting
  6. Get Better Sleep
  7. Relieve Pressure
  8. Reduce Your Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes
  9. Strengthen Your Immune System
  10. Cutting Costs
  11. Environmentally Friendly

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    How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Bike

    Many people buy electric bikes to commute in order to save transportation expenses. So how much electricity does the electric bike cost for each charge?c

    Taking the GYROOR C3 electric bike as an example, the battery voltage is 36V and the current ampere hour is 10 Ah, then the battery capacity is 36Vx10Ah=360Wh.

    To change it to the common unit of electricity KWh, it needs to be divided by 1000, that is, 360Wh/1000=0.36KWh.

    Cost per charge = battery capacity x electricity price

    Assuming that the local electricity price is 5 cents, then the cost of fully charging GYROOR C3 each time is 0.36KWhx$0.05/KWh=$0.018

    Even if you run out of power every day and fill it up, then your one-year charging fee is 365*$0.018=$6.57

    Note: The price of electricity in each country and region is different, please calculate according to the actual local price.

    If you plan to buy an electric bike for commuting, then I suggest you buy our Gyroor C3 folding electric bike. Foldable design, easy to carry, the max-speed is 18.6mph, the max-mileage is 28-38 miles.