We all know that locks can reduce the chances of a bike being stolen, but do you really know how to lock an electric bike?

In order to ensure the safety of your bicycle to the greatest extent, it is not enough to simply lock the electric bicycle, which also includes some tips.

Before discussing how to lock your e-bike, let's take a look at how thieves can steal your e-bike.

Thief cut the bike lock

How Your Electric Bike Was Stolen

  1. Your bike is not locked at all and the thief just pushes it away or rides it off. Most bikes are stolen because they are not locked at all.
  2. Cut your locks with hydraulic pliers. This is mainly for cable locks and chain locks.
  3. Cut out the lock with a portable cutter. This is mainly for U locks or folding locks.
  4. Steal your e-bike parts like tires, batteries, saddles, etc.
Bike stolen with only one wheel left

6 Tips On How To Securely Lock Your Bike

  1. When you park your bike at home, in the yard, remember to lock it.
  2. When you use a cable lock or chain lock to lock your bike, try to keep the lock away from the ground. So when a thief uses lever pliers to cut the lock, they can't use the ground as leverage, which makes it more difficult to cut.
  3. When you lock your bike tires, remember to put the lock through both the tires and the frame, this will prevent thieves from stealing your bike by removing the tires.
  4. If the battery of your e-bike is removable, then please lock the battery handle to the frame at the same time when you lock the bike. If you are using a U-lock, then please equip your e-bike with another lock.
  5. If possible, use more than 2 locks to lock your e-bike. Multiple locks not only prevent your bike from being stolen, but also protect other parts of the bike, such as the battery and tires.
  6. When buying a lock, please choose a lock with a thick enough diameter (12mm or more) if possible, this will greatly reduce the risk of the lock being cut.
Bike wheels was stolen

Is It Safe To Lock Up An Electric Bike?

According to statistics, most bicycles are stolen because they are not locked. Therefore, locking the bicycle can play a certain anti-theft role.

How Do You Lock An Ebike Battery?

If your e-bike battery is non-removable, then you don't have to worry about the safety of the battery.

But if your bike battery is removable, then you need a lock to lock the battery handle to the bike frame.

If you are using a cable lock or chain lock, remember to lock the tire, frame, and battery at the same time.

How Do Electric Bike Locks Work?

Bike locks work in two ways, the first is to lock the bike directly to the fixture so the bike can't be stolen. The second is to lock the locking device to the bicycle's tires so that the bicycle cannot be pushed away. But the second locking method still has the possibility of being stolen, such as putting the whole bike directly into the truck compartment and taking it away.

Bike parts was stolen

Should I Lock My Front Or Back Wheel?

Yes, if possible, you are better off using two locks to lock your front and rear wheels to the frame. This will prevent thieves from stealing your tires. Especially if you leave your bike parked in one place for a long time without using it.

How Do You Lock The Front Wheel On An Ebike?

When you lock the front wheel of your bike, you should put the lock through both the front tire and the frame so that it doesn't happen that a thief removes the entire front wheel and steals the rest of your bike.