How to keep my e-bike secure? You need a strong cut-resistant bike lock, but finding the best electric bike lock can be a unique challenge. No one wants to find it missing when they walk back to where they parked their bike. It's not about the price of the bike, because that's a scary feeling.

Gyroor bike with cable lock

Commuter electric bikes are a favorite target for thieves because they are more expensive than regular bikes.

What Lock Is Best For an Ebike?

The vast majority of stolen bikes are not locked at all, so always lock your bike first. Remember, this includes your home, garage and any type of shed or outbuildings.

Common bike locks can be categorized into 4 types, U-locks, chain locks, folding locks and cable locks.

U Locks

The most common choice for bike locks is the U-lock. They are very secure and there are many options available at all price points.

The downside to U-locks is that they are not flexible in the way they lock. They have a fixed shape that only fits a specific locking style.

Many e-bikes have the battery mounted inside the frame, which can be difficult to make work if you need to lock something other than the bike.

This is because the smaller the U-lock, the more secure it is.

When buying a U-lock, try to choose a lock that locks at both ends so that a thief needs 2 cuts to steal your bike.

Chain Locks 

If you don't think a U-lock is for you, then you can try a chain lock.

Chain locks are also very secure and cost less. Chain locks are less secure against breakaway pliers because the individual links are not as thick in diameter as a U-lock, but it must be cut 2 times to break.

The advantage of chain locks is that the chain is very flexible and you can very simply lock your bike to a signpost or other fixed anchor point.

The disadvantage of the chain lock is that it is very heavy and may be a little difficult to carry.

Folding Locks

Folded locks are also an optional solution. Folding locks are not as secure as chain locks or U-locks because they have many areas that can be attacked.

The wide, hardened steel makes them difficult to cut with a breaker, so a quality folding lock should do its best to protect the hinge, but there will always be holes there.

Folding locks are flexible enough for non-standard anchors and are very portable as they can be folded up when not in use.

Cable Locks

Various variants of cable locks exist on the market, and it is the least secure compared to the above types of locks.

The advantages of cable locks are portability and ease of use, and it is the least expensive.

In order to give your bike maximum security, when buying a cable lock please choose a lock with a cable diameter of 12mm or more. Gyroor cale lock for bike are 12mm or 15mm

Is There A Bike Lock That Can't Be Cut?

There is no lock that cannot be cut. But a high-quality lock can increase the difficulty and cutting time for a thief to cut your lock. This greatly increases his risk of getting caught, so a good quality lock will keep most thieves away from your e-bike.

What Is The Most Powerful Electric Bike Lock?

What is the hardest lock to cut or the most secure lock? According to cyclingnews tests, the most secure bike lock available is the Hiplok D1000. This lock can withstand cuts from a portable angle grinder. But this lock is very expensive and may not fit everyone's e-bike due to its small size. If you want to lock other parts, you'll need to buy another locking device.

How To Lock An Electric Bike?

There are still differences between e-bike locking and regular bikes. Ordinary bicycles are usually locked with tires or frames.

Some e-bikes have larger parts because they carry a battery, which makes a small lock more challenging. Also you need to lock some other parts, like the battery, but usually the battery has its own integrated lock.

Suggestions for e-bike locking

  • Limit the extra space between the lock and the bike and keep the lock off the ground.
  • Keep the lock further from the ground, which makes it more difficult to use the ground as a lever on the breaker.
  • Limiting the extra space between the lock and the bike means it is more difficult to position the tool for levering attacks.

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