Is it easy to ride an electric skateboard? If you are a beginner of electric skateboard, you will ask this question before you buy it. Don't worry about it, in this guide, we will tell you how to ride an electric skateboard step by step.

Ride Gyroor electric skateboard

Is Riding An Electric Skateboard Easier?

Yes, it is easier to ride an electric skateboard compared to a regular skateboard.

Who Can Ride An Electric Skateboard?

Because skateboarding carries a certain degree of danger, there are certain restrictions on riders.

  • Ages over 18+
  • Minors under 18 need to be supervised by an adult
  • Weight under 265lbs (The max load of most electric skateboards is 265lbs)
  • Able to stand on the skateboard for a long time
  • If you have health problems, please consult a doctor

Is Electric Skateboard Good For Beginners?

Yes, electric skateboards are suitable for beginners. Most electric skateboards have a beginner mode, which can limit the output power of the motor and the maximum speed of the skateboard. It is easy for beginners to ride and control.

How To Ride An Electric Skateboard Step By Step?

In order to help beginners quickly learn how to ride an electric skateboard, we have prepared this guide, which is divided into 10 steps in total.

Step 1. Find A Practice Venue

Find a safe place where you can practice electric skateboarding.

Step 2. Protect Yourself

Please wear a safety helmet and protective gear.

Step 3. Check Your Electric Skateboard

Check and make sure that there is no damage or safety hazard to the electric skateboard.

Step 4. Skilled In Using Wireless Remote Control

Be familiar with your wireless remote control and be able to skillfully control acceleration, deceleration and braking.

Step 5. Determine Your Riding Posture

There are two riding positions for electric skateboards: regular stand and goofy stand. The left foot is in front and the right foot is in the back is called a regular posture, and vice versa is a goofy stand.

Normally right-handed people have a regular stand, and left-handed people have a goofy stand. But this is not fixed, and there are no advantages and disadvantages to these two stands, just because everyone's habits are different.

Step 6. How To Accelerate An Electric Skateboard Smoothly

Keep your balance on the electric skateboard according to your usual stance. Put the center on your front foot, keep your back foot steady, and then slowly turn on the acceleration switch. (For beginners, please make sure that you have adjusted to the beginner mode.)

Step 7. How To Braking An Electric Skateboard

If you brake suddenly or make an emergency brake, you will fall off the skateboard and may be injured. So, if you want to stop, please brake in advance and slowly. Lean back slightly, place your weight on your back foot, relax your front foot, and then slowly start to brake the controller.

Step 8. How To Make Turns On Electric Skateboard

Turn your body forward, shift your weight slightly to the end of your toe, and you will turn to the side of your toe. If you are in a regular stance, turn right, if you are in a goofy stance, turn left.

Turn back, shift your weight to the heel part, and you will turn to the back of your body. If you are standing in a regular stance, you will turn to the left, if you are standing in a goofy stance, you will turn to the right.

Step 9. Practice, Practice, Practice

As a novice, please repeat the practice until you can master this skill proficiently.

How Do You Control Speed On Electric Skateboard?

The speed of the electric skateboard is mainly controlled by the wireless remote control (VESC) to accelerate and decelerate to adjust the speed of the skateboard.

When you learn to drive an electric skateboard and want to ride on the road. Please confirm with the local transportation department whether electric skateboards can be legally used on the road.

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