Since electric bikes entered the market in the 2010s, their prices have fallen and are becoming more and more popular among all types of bikes: club riders, urban commuters, recreational cyclists and those who only need to travel from A to B. A little helper.

Gyroor C3 - folding electric bike

For those who go to work by bike, this is a valuable purchase. The motorized assist system allows you to arrive on time, but you sweat less than when you arrive on a non-motorized bike.

Is It Worth To Buy An Electric Bike?

Yes, It will be excellent value for money. You can use it for commuting, short trips, and exercise.

Why Is An Electric Bike Worth To Buy?

Ride Faster And Easier

People's enthusiasm for electric bikes comes from making the journey to work, shop and school easier. Electric bikes can help eliminate obstacles to commuting, such as distance and mountain trails. Compared with traditional bikes, the average stroke length of electric bikes has increased by 10%.

Seasonal Demand

Electric bikes may also have the ability to allow people to ride into a deeper year. Even the most diligent commuter by bike will find it a challenge to ride a bike to work during the colder months. Of course, for many novices, the drop in temperature is their entire excuse to put their bikes back in the garage and go to the car, bus or train.

Cost-effective Solution

Another reason electric bikes are relevant to urban residents is their affordability. Lithium-ion battery technology is not only getting better, but also getting cheaper, helping to reduce the overall cost of electric bikes. However, after you buy an electric bike, you really start to save money.

After a large initial investment in the bike itself, operating costs are very low. Battery life continues to improve, and you may need to replace it after about 10,000 miles. Counting the annual service, compared to the cost of driving and driving in the city, it is still an affordable option, especially if you have to park at your destination.

Health Benefits

We all know that exercise is good for our physical and mental health, and swinging our legs on an electric bike can help keep our mind and body happy. It is recommended that you do at least 2.5 hours of moderate exercise every week, and using an electric bike in your daily commute is likely to easily achieve this goal.

If you are worried that riding an electric bike will not provide enough exercise to be called "exercise", then you are wrong. A large number of studies have shown that riding an electric bike can indeed make the heart beat.

One such study in Boulder, Colorado found that participants’ heart rates averaged about 75% of the maximum each time they rode an electric bike for at least 40 minutes. This is similar to brisk walking, enough to meet the health guidelines for "moderate" exercise.

ride an electric bike

In Conclusion

An electric bike is worth buying. Although its first investment may be relatively high, the cost of later riding is very low, and riding an electric bike can help you exercise. Here I suggest you buy our Gyroor C3 folding electric bike, 450w powerful burshless moter, max speed 18.6 mph and 28 mi range.