Does it feel very cool to see other people performing various actions on the scooter? If you want to do the same, then you need a pro scooter instead of a regular scooter. Let me explain the difference between pro scooters and normal scooters.

What is a Pro scooter?

Pro scooters (also known as stunt scooters, freestyle scooters or trick scooters) are the upgraded version of toys or basic scooters, very strong and durable.

I often see children riding toy scooters in the skate park and making various tricks. This causes damage to many scooters, and parts of many scooters are not easy to replace. As more and more scooters are damaged, in order to meet people's needs, a new and more sturdy scooter was born. This is the ultimate scooter. The industry scooter is very suitable for skill and vertical riding.

Why are stunt scooters so expensive?

Pro scooters are more expensive than toy scooters because of increased design and production costs. A scooter that can withstand various shocks uses better components or materials. And with the improvement of the quality of each component, the scooter will become stronger, with stronger durability and longer service life.

Pro scooter VS normal scooter- What's the difference?


The main purpose of Pro scooter is to perform stunts and can also be used for scooters. But if you only use it for scooters, then you might as well choose an ordinary scooter because it is cheaper and has a better design.


Stunt scooters have to withstand the extra impact of jumps and skills, so the handlebars are fixed. Any scooter with adjustable handlebars or folding handlebars is not a Pro scooter.


Stunt scooters basically have metal cores in their wheels, while ordinary scooters have plastic cores. This is because the metal core is stronger and can withstand the extra impact that riders bring to their scooters in the skate park.


Ideally, in order for the rider to control and manipulate the scooter, the stunt scooter needs to be light.

However, the reality is that stunt scooters are heavier than kick scooters. The reason is to keep stunt scooters strong, their frame is usually reinforced, which results in heavier weight.


Because stunt scooters are made of strong but lightweight materials, their cost is often higher than normal scooters.

You can buy cheap stunt scooters for less than $100, but if you need more durable stunt scooters, then you need to spend 100+ or even hundreds of dollars. An ordinary scooter only costs twenty to thirty dollars. (Gyroor Z1 pro scooter is $92.99 now)

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Which scooter is suitable for your child?

When deciding which scooter to buy for your child, please consider the following factors.


Most stunt scooters are designed for kids 8+ years old. However, as the demand for young riders of stunt scooters increases, there are more and more stunt scooters for children aged 5, 6, and 7 years old. So 5 years old is the youngest age you can buy a stunt scooter.

Are jump on the scooter?

Many children will try to jump on a scooter, which is an important clue that they need to upgrade to a stunt scooter. More powerful scooters will withstand the impact of jumping and skill.


The price range of stunt scooters is large. If they are just starting out, you may want to consider buying a budget stunt scooter to make sure it suits them. If you are sure they are serious about stunt scooters, then spend a lot of money on stunt scooters.

What is the best pro scooter and brand in the world?

The Gyroor Z1 pro scooter is designed for extreme use environments. Anti-slip coating handle, high-strength steel reinforced triangular ribs, cast steel front fork, aircraft aluminum deck, 110mm aluminum core cast PU solid wheels, advanced ABEC-9 bearings, fast and firm, light and tough. And the assembly is very simple, only need to tighten 4 bolts.