What happens when a bike is equipped with a motor? They become faster and more powerful. Electric bikes have been accepted by more and more people. Here are 20 things I hope you know before you buy.

Ride electric bike

1. The price of electric bikes is not much higher than that of regular bikes

The price range of electric bikes is generally between $500-$2000, most of which are in the range of $500-1000. The price of regular bikes is usually $200-500, so electric bikes are not as expensive as the legendary.

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2. The use of electric bikes

If you are commuting to work, you can buy a kilometre electric bike, which is faster.

If you want to save effort while enjoying off-road sports, then you can buy a mountain electric bike.

Road and mountain electric bikes - what is the difference?

Mountain electric bikes have a gear system that makes it easier to climb steep terrain. The disadvantage is that you cannot reach the maximum speed of a road bike when going up and down on the road, and the gear system of a road bike is specially designed for driving on the road.

3. Electric bikes have a variety of riding modes

  • Full power mode, you can move forward without stepping on the pedal
  • Auxiliary power mode, in this mode you need to step on the pedal, and the engine provides auxiliary power, which saves effort when riding
  • Regular bikemode, forward in this mode It all depends on manpower.
gyroor c3 electric bike 3 riding mode

4. Electric bikes are heavier

Electric bikes are not light, and without the assistance of an engine, they are not fun to ride.

5. Max speed is important

Under the same conditions, buy the fastest electric bike. Once you experience a speed of 25 kilometers per hour, you will want to reach 45 kilometers per hour. Get the absolute fastest electric bike you can afford.

6. Mileage per charge

How far an electric bike can go when it is fully charged. You need to make sure that you can reach your normal destination.

7. You can also exercise by riding an electric bike

Having an electric assist does not mean that you are not getting a good workout. It just means you can get to where you want to go faster.

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8. It's fun to ride an electric bike

They are very interesting because they exclude the hard work of the hillside, and it is a wonderful feeling to ride a bike on the road.

9. Electric bikes are one of the best ways to commute

Fresh air is a reward, especially in autumn and winter. I see dozens or even hundreds of cyclists commuting to and from work every day. It is really popular. Yes, I see more and more electric bikes on the road.

Gyroor C2 folding electric bike

10. Test drive a few times before deciding to buy

Before buying, go to several electric bike shops to try out a few times to understand what you need and what you want.

11. Data display

An electric bike with a display screen allows you to check the battery level, speed and riding distance.

12. People will be curious and even ask you about it

Electric bikes are still a novelty, so people will ask about your bike on the streets and trails. If you like it, you can tell others.

13. People prefer full power cycling

Although there are many riding modes for electric bikes, people usually prefer full-power riding. Unless it is to save electricity, it is very popular that people will assist in riding or pedal riding.

14. E-bikes are quiet

You can hear the hum of the motor, but it is not as loud as a motorcycle. You don't have to worry about any noise caused by these. They are surprisingly quiet.

15. Electric bikes have fewer gears than regular bikes

Electric bikes do not need so many gears because they are assisted by a motor, because the motor can provide strong power to help you conquer various terrain conditions.

16. Choose a high-quality electric bike supplier

When buying locally, you should judge your buying location from three aspects: atmosphere, commitment and quality. Atmosphere refers to whether the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful? Commitment refers to the service and guarantee that the store will provide you? Quality usually refers to the brand of electric bikes. You can check relevant information in advance before buying.

17. If you buy online, please ask where you can repair it (especially about the motor/battery)

You can buy all kinds of electric bikes online, but be sure to ask where you can take it for repairs and maintenance. Electric

18. Bike size

It is very important to choose a bike of the right size for your body shape. Some of us have long legs and short arms, or vice versa, I suggest you go to your local bike store to find out the correct bike size for your body.

19. Electric bikes are not suitable for long-distance travel

Unless you buy multiple batteries, it is not suitable for long-distance travel. Most electric bikes will not travel more than 50 kilometers. If you want to travel long distances, you may need to buy a few batteries.

20. It's very economical to commute by electric bike and bike

If you buy a commuter electric bike for a few hundred dollars, your investment will quickly pay off. But if you spend thousands of dollars to buy an electric bike, then your return on investment cycle is relatively long, it may take 1-3 years.

If you are finding an electric bike for commuting, Gyroor C3 is a good choice for you. The price is under $600, 450w powerful brushless motor, max speed 18.6 mph and long range 28 miles.