Maybe in your city, you can see electric bikes, electric skateboards, electric scooters and other electric drive equipment used in daily traffic. Do you know them? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Here we compare electric bikes and electric skateboards.

Gyroor C3 - folding electric bike

Electric Bike

The same between electric bike and ordinary bike: pedals, handlebars and brakes. The differences are electric bikes have batteries and motors, which can help people ride faster with less effort.

The max speed of an electric bike can reach 20 mph. Under the assisted mode, with the help of rider, it can reach max speed 28 mph.

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Electric Skateboard

Gyroor R1 - electric skateboard

There are many similarities between electric skateboards and ordinary skateboards. The biggest difference between them are the way of acceleration and braking. Unlike ordinary skateboards, electric skateboards are powered by motors and do not need to be pushed by feet. Also, electric skateboards also have brakes.

Electric skateboard motors: belt motors or hub motors.

The belt motor is placed between the wheels of the skateboard, which is very common in the electric skateboard industry.

The hub motor is placed in the wheels of the skateboard. In-wheel motors are quieter than belt motors, but more easier to damage and overheating.

Electric skateboards can usually reach 25 mph and can easily cruise at speeds of 10 to 15 mph, max range more than 20 miles.

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Electric Bike VS Electric Skateboard

What Is The Difference Between Electric Bike And Electric Skateboard?

  1. The main difference between them is that the electric skateboard is controlled by the remote control, while the electric bike is controlled by the pedal (throttle) and steering.
  2. Electric skateboards are more flexible to turn and shuttle in a small space, but electric bikes can give us more protection for safety.
  3. The top speed of an electric skateboard is 25 mph, while the speed of a electric bike is 20 mph.
  4. Electric bikes are not allowed to enter in some places, but electric skateboards do not have this restriction, because you can put it in a backpack.

Final Choice

Electric bike and electric skateboard are both great and fun transportation that can make you reach your destination faster and easier.

Before you make a choice, you must first pay attention to their characteristics, such as their operating methods and riding posture. Then compare other attributes to make the right choice.

Whether you like riding an electric bike or riding an electric skateboard, please keep safety first!