Have you found that some people ride the hoverboard in a different way from you? Usually we ride on it, but some people do sit on a chair. So how did they do it? They used an attachment called hoverkart, which is simply a hoverboard seat.

Gyroor hoverboard with go kart seat attachment

1. What is a hoverkart?

Hoverkart also called hoverboard kart. A hoverkart attachment is an economical addition to your hoverboard. It contains a wheel, a seat, a metal frame and two control handles. It is fixed on the hoverboard by straps.

2. How do Hoverkarts work?

HoverKart is fixed to the two pads of the hoverboard by straps. Then use the handles on both sides to control forward, backward and steering. Its operation method is the same as riding on a hoverboard, hoverkart is controlled by hands instead of feet.

 how to control hoverkart/hoverboard go kart

3. How do you stop a hoverboard Kart?

Pushing the handle forward is to advance and accelerate, and the handle backward is to retreat and decelerate. So to stop the hoverkart, pull the handle back.

4. Are hoverboard seat attachments universal?

Most of them are universal. Hoverkart is suitable for most 6.5", 8.5", and 10" hoverboards. However, some seat accessories are not suitable for hoverboards with too small wheels.

For the rider, the length of the seat frame is adjustable, so it is suitable for everyone.

5. What age is a Hoverkart for?

In most cases, it is designed for kids over 6+, teens and adults can use it. In addition, the maximum load is 120KG.

For younger children, it is not recommended unless they can put their feet on the pedals while sitting.

6. How fast does a Hoverkart go?

It depends on the hoverboard you used. Most hoverboard max speed is 8 mph to 12 mph. In addition, it is also affected by the rider's weight, terrain, and speed may be reduced.

7. Does a Hoverkart come with a hoverboard?

If you buy a hoverkart kit, then it will include a hoverboard and a hoverkart seat attachment. If you just buy an hoverkart seat attachment, the hoverboard is not included. In addition, if you only buy one hoverboard, the hoverkart seat is not included.

8. how to attach hoverkart to hoverboard

When you receive the hoverkart, it is just various components. You need to assemble them to get a complete hoverkart assembly. 

For how to assemble hoverkart, please refer to the user manual, it is very simple and it will take you about ten minutes.

In addition, if you don’t find the user manual, you can refer to the gyroor k1 hoverboard seat assembly manual.

9. How much does a hoverkart cost?

The hoverkart price is about $50-$100.

You can buy it in local stores, or on shopping platforms, such as Amazon, Walmart, and online stores of some hoverboard brands.

Also you can buy our Gyroor K1 hoverkart for hoverboard here.

10. Should I wear a helmet when hoverkart?

Yes, a helmet is required when riding a hoverkart. In addition, you can also wear wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, and long-sleeved clothes to protect yourself.


When you are ready, have a hearty kart race with your friends. Generally, it can be used continuously for 40 minutes to an hour.

Safety Suggestions for you

  • For the first practice, please practice in a safe and flat area, and master basic operations such as forward, backward, and steering.
  • Please remember to wear a helmet. If you don’t have a helmet, a bicycle helmet is also possible.
  • Do not ride on rough, uneven roads. Also, when riding on the grass, make sure that there are no big pits and muddy places.
  • In order to prevent the hoverboard from overheating, please do not use it continuously for more than 20 minutes.