When you buy a hoverboard, you are very excited. You start to learn from a beginner and slowly become a master. But over time, you may not be satisfied with riding on it. Maybe you want to try other riding styles. When you have this idea, hoverboard go kart is very suitable for you.

Hoverboard Kart

1. What Is A Hoverboard Kart?

The hoverboard kart is a seated kart, which is composed of a hoverboard and special kart seat accessories. The accessories are tied to the hoverboard and provide a kart frame with one or more wheels, a seat and handles to control the speed and movement of the kart.

2. How Much Does A Hoverboard Go Kart Cost?

Prices for the go kart attachment vary between $50 and $100. You will also need to own or buy a hoverboard separately (the hoverboard price range is between $100 and $300). So the hoverboard go kart is about $150 - $400, If you choose to buy the merchant's product portfolio, the price will be cheaper.

3. Where To Buy A Hoverboard Kart Or Hoverboard Kart Seat Attachment?

You can buy it in many places, such as Walmart, Amazon, and some hoverboard brand online stores. Also you can buy from our Gyroor.

4. Does The Hoverboard Seat Fit All Hoverboards?

Gyroor K1 Hoverboard Seat

No. Not all hoverboards can use kart seat accessories. You should fully understand the model and specifications of the hoverboard you are interested in or own before buying.

Usually, the size of the matching hoverboard for kart seats is 6.5", 8", 10", but many models may only fit one or two of these sizes.

In addition, you should also check the shape of the hoverboard, because irregularly shaped panels may not be suitable for hoverboard karts. For example, some hoverboards have handles on them, which may make it impossible to use go kart seats.

5. How Does A Hoverboard Go Kart Work?

Thehoverboard kart seat attachments are quickly and easily installed on the hoverboard by using straps. In addition, when you want to reuse your own self-balancing scooter, you can also quickly separate it.

Hoverboard seats are designed for kids and adults. They can be adjusted before different people use them. They usually have adjustable frame length, seat position and handlebar angle.

6. How Fast Does A Hoverboard Go Kart Go?

The maximum speed of the hoverboard kart is limited by the maximum speed of the hoverboard you used, but it is also affected by terrain, height, weight and driving style!

The top speed of most hoverboards, or electronic self balancing scooters, vary between about 5mph and 10mph. Hoverboard go kart usually runs faster than standing on a hoverboard because it is easier to control balance.

7. Does A Kart Attachment Damage A Hoverboard?

No. Hoverboard seats are designed to strap firmly onto the hoverboard. If it was installed correctly, it will not damage the hoverboard.

To protect your hoverboard from scratches, debris and damage, you may need to use a silicone skin or protective cover.

8. Can Hoverboard Go Kart On Grass?

It depends on your hoverboard. If your hoverboard wheels size is 8.5” or 10”, you can go kart on grass. If your hoverboard wheel size is 6.5”, you also can go kart on grass, but it is not recommended.

In addition, please make sure that there are no big pits or muddy places on the grass, otherwise it is not recommended to use it on the grass.

9. How To Control Hoverboard Go Kart?

Two handles are connected to the two halves of the hoverboard, allowing you to control the speed and direction. When you are sitting in the hoverboard kart, pushing the 2 handles forward/backward is like leaning forward/backward.

If you only push the left handle forward, then you will turn right. If you push the right handle forward, you will turn left.

Note: Please find a flat, safe place without obstacles to practice how to control the hoverboard kart.


10. How To Maintain Hoverboard Go Kart Seat?

Hoverboard go kart seat require almost no maintenance. It is recommended to check the components once a month to ensure that everything is firm and no bolts are loosened.

11. Does Hoverboard Kart Safer Than Riding On Hoverboard?

Yes. Because you don’t need to control your balance when sitting on a kart, you have no risk of falling, so you are safer.

12. Do I Need To Wear Safety Equipment When Riding A Hoverboard Kart?

Whether riding a hoverboard or a hoverboard go kart, proper safety equipment is essential. The most important thing is wear a helmet. Elbow and knee pads protect your joints from impact and slippage.

When you are ready, start a race with your friends and enjoy the ride.