When it comes to exercise or fitness programs, people usually think of running, jogging, swimming, riding a bike. Did you know that inline skating is an effective way to exercise?

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Inline skating has many benefits for fitness, including it can burn calories, reduce the wear of bones and joints, and improve balance and coordination. Here are 7 benefits of inline skating for your health.

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Mental health

The often overlooked benefit of inline skating is mental health. Inline skating can be a casual stroll around the block, or it can be an intense, fast-paced adrenaline rush. No matter which skating style you participate in, the mental health benefits you get from inline skating should not be taken lightly. Recreational skating helps reduce stress levels and has also been shown to reduce the likelihood of depression. Intense skating also has its benefits, that is, increased mental acuity and reaction time. All in all, inline skating provides many significant benefits on many levels of mind and body.

Burn calories

When it comes to losing weight or staying healthy, people usually only focus on calories. They record the calories of the food they buy and consume, and they also try to burn calories through various exercises. Roller skating is an excellent fitness activity that can help burn calories because it can work quickly.

During a 30-minute skating period, if an inline skater skates at a stable and comfortable speed, an average heart rate of 148 beats per minute will consume 285 calories. In contrast, if you choose to do intermittent skating, in which case you will alternate one minute of aggressive skating and another minute of easy skating, you will burn 450 calories in 30 minutes.

If you choose to run or ride a bicycle instead of skating, you will lose 350 and 360 calories, respectively, and the same heart rate of 148 beats per minute. The numbers for running and cycling are still slightly higher, but the number of calories you can burn per minute depends largely on your weight. Therefore, in 30 minutes, you may still lose more calories while skating compared to running or cycling. Not to mention the damage to your body caused by running and cycling, skating is a very suitable fitness option.


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Inline Skating


Skating fitness

Whether you have skated before or not, inline skating requires quite a bit of balance and coordination. It’s no secret. It is not surprising that many amateur and professional athletes use inline skating as a training tool to improve balance and coordination.

If you want to take balance and coordination training to a new level, inline skating is a good choice for you. A good way is to practice skating on each foot independently. Pick up a skate for 2 to 4 seconds, then switch to the other foot. This will quickly speed up your balance and coordination. If you want to try this exercise, remember to always wear protective gears to prevent injuries.

But even if you don’t plan to use skating as a balance and coordination training tool, it’s okay to have more balance and coordination.

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Build muscle

For most people, it is not surprising that inline skating is a good aerobic and cardiovascular exercise. However, this is also a good way to build muscles. Generally speaking, a person who is exercising is seeking to burn fat, not muscle. From a muscle training point of view, inline skating has been found to be more beneficial than running and cycling. This is largely because inline skating is easier and more natural for exercising the buttocks and thigh muscles. Unlike riding a bicycle, inline skating can exercise the hamstrings. Unlike running, inline skating also helps protect your knees and joints. Many studies have been completed on the effectiveness of inline skating for muscle building; each study shows that inline skating can exercise the entire thigh, back end, buttocks and lower back muscles.

Cardiovascular exercise

If you are a dedicated runner, you know that this is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. However, as discussed earlier, running can cause physical harm. If you give up running, how should you perform cardiovascular activities? The answer is inline skating. Inline skating not only helps to reduce the discordant impact of running, but also provides nearly the same cardiovascular exercise. The only exception is that you can skate on inline skates, which you cannot do when running. However, one way to compensate for this is to skate in a slightly inclined area, which will prevent you from sliding.

Sport training

Inline skating is often used as a sports training tool by amateur and professional athletes. In fact, rollerblade, inc. Was founded by two hockey players who are looking for a way to practice ice hockey in the off-season. To this day, most hockey players use inline skating for the same purpose. In addition, alpine and nordic skiers will use inline skating to exercise leg muscles, improve cardiovascular health and agility. These are just a few of the many ways inline skating can be used for sports training.

Low impact exercise

Inline skating is aerobic exercise, and it is a low-intensity aerobic exercise. Anyone who has just started exercising, restarted exercise, or has muscle or joint problems can benefit from easier exercise from inline skating, and at the same time improve your heart health and muscle endurance.

In addition to the calorie-burning benefits of inline skating, skaters can also benefit from the low impact on the body's bones and joints. If you have ever jogged, you know that running can have a harsh effect on your knees, back and ankles. The repetitiveness of this harsh impact is bad for your joints, and every step you take will cost them their lives. Inline skating is an excellent alternative to jogging and an excellent way to relieve bone and joint damage. In fact, inline skating has proven to have slightly less impact than running, while providing all the same benefits. If you are a runner and your legs often hurt, you might consider inline skating as an alternative. It will save you a lot of pain in the future.

Inline skates benefits for kids

inline skates for kids

Inline skating is not only useful for adults, but also very helpful for children. The following is a brief list of 4 benefits.

  • Provide good social channels
  • Provide good exercise
  • Promote brain development
  • Boost children's confidence

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