When you buy an electric scooter, you are always faced with a variety of choices, such as whether you need a suspension, how many suspensions you need, etc. Under the same conditions, an electric scooter with suspension has a better riding experience than a scooter without suspension. What is the best affordable electric scooter with suspension to buy in 2022?

Which electric scooter has best suspension?

The best Gyroor electric scooter with suspension is Gyroor X8 and price is under $1000.

Gyroor X8 electric scooter has front double suspension, 10-inch pneumatic tires and silicone pedal pads, the unique 3-fold shock absorption design to provide you with a good riding experience.

Gyroor X8 electric scooter

Motor:500W Battery:468Wh Speed:18.6mph Range: 31 Miles Charging Time: 4.5H

Unique NFC card unlock, APP control, make your electric scooter unique.

Do electric scooters need suspension?

Not all electric scooters have suspension, shock absorbers/suspensions can greatly improve the riding experience of electric scooters on difficult terrain. If there are a lot of bumps and rough terrain on your daily ride, then you should consider buying an electric scooter with suspension. Gyroor X8 has dual front shock absorbers.

What is suspension in electric scooter?

Electric scooter suspension is a device between the wheel and the frame, its function is to transmit the force and moment acting between the wheel and the frame, buffer the impact force transmitted from the uneven road to the frame or the body, and attenuate the Vibration caused by the scooter to ensure smooth running.

There are three common types of suspension on electric scooters: spring suspension, hydraulic suspension and rubber suspension.

How Spring Suspension Works

An electric scooter with spring suspension means you'll feel less vibration as you ride because the coils move up and down as you ride. The goal of a spring or coil is to reduce shock after you ride over bumps.

How Hydraulic Suspension Works

Hydraulic systems use oil and compressed gas instead of springs to absorb the force from the road. When the tire hits a bump, the synthetic rubber and air in the tire absorb some of the force.

How rubber suspension works

Because rubber is naturally supportive, malleable and soft, rubber suspensions are very effective on electric scooters and are great for absorbing shocks. It can also reduce the noise and vibration of the electric scooter while driving on the road.

Electric Scooter Suspension and Tires

If you know about electric scooters, then you will find that some electric scooters have suspension and some do not. Also, some scooters use pneumatic tires and some use airless tires. We all know that pneumatic tires also have a shock absorption effect.

Below is the riding experience with suspension and penumatic tires.

Riding Experience

Pneumatic tires

Non-pneumatic tires

with suspension



No suspension



What is the difference between shock absorbers and suspension?

The shock absorbers are part of the suspension system designed to limit the bounce and sway of the vehicle on the road. But they are very important for operating your electric scooter and can greatly improve the riding experience.

Is hydraulic suspension good on electric scooter?

Yes. The biggest advantage of hydraulic suspension is that it rides more smoothly. The hydraulics are also very responsive and responsive compared to other suspension systems.

How to Adjust the Suspension of an Electric Scooter

Adjusting screw

After riding for a long time, the suspension will loosen due to constant movement, so check and adjust the screws regularly. The adjustment of the screws is very simple.

If the screw is too tight, it will feel stiff on bumpy roads and you will need to loosen the screw.

If the screw is loose, it will be easy to lose balance when riding on bumpy roads, you need to tighten the screw a little bit. .

Replace the spring

If your ride is still too bumpy or stiff, you can replace the shock's spring.

You need to remove the screws, remove the old spring, and insert the new spring in the same place. You should make sure the new spring is the same size as the old spring.

Replacing springs is not as easy as adjusting screws, and you may need to get professional help.

How to maintain the suspension of an electric scooter

Check the screws

If you feel the suspension is too loose, too stiff, or if you hear strange noises from it, you should check the screws first.

Electric scooters use screws to adjust and fix the suspension. You need to check at least once a month to make sure they are not loose.

Check for lubrication

After a long ride on an e-scooter, you may hear strange noises on bumps if you don't lubricate the suspension. Without the protection of grease, the moving parts can damage the suspension and springs by "scraping" against each other.

How to lubricate the suspension of electric scooter?

How do I lubricate my scooter suspension?

  1. Fold the electric scooter first so that the shock absorber can be easily accessed.
  2. Use a spray can to apply grease or lubricant safely, but don't overdo it or you will leak grease.

When to lubricate the shock absorber?

  1. Add a small amount of grease or lubricant to shock absorbers and other moving parts or joints every six months.
  2. Apply grease after long-term non-use or storage in winter.
  1. The first thing you should do when you hear a strange noise from the suspension is to apply lube. If the lubricant doesn't solve the problem, then there may be some damaged parts.

Which one is best - front suspension vs rear suspension or both

Most electric scooters with suspension only have rear or front suspension. Before you buy, you need to check the product specifications carefully.

Electric scooters with dual suspension front and rear have the best shock absorption, especially when you are riding on rough terrain.

But suspension is linked to money, and the more suspension, the more expensive the electric scooter is. Gyroor X8 electric scooter has dual front suspensions and price is abuot $600, you can click to know more about it.

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