Electric scooters have been accepted and used by more and more adults. They are often used by people for commuting, weekend excursions, etc. When it comes to travel, we have to mention the cruising range of electric scooters. If you commute or travel frequently with a long single mileage, then you need to buy a long range electric scooter.

Gyroor HR9 - Long range electric scooter

What is the range of an electric scooter?

The range of an electric scooter refers to the max distance that an electric scooter can travel after a single charge. For common electric scooter, it can take an adult run about 15-25 miles with speed 15-20mph. The Gyroor HR9 has a range of 23 miles.

What electric scooter has longest range?

According to the test result of electricscooterinsider, the longest range of electric scooter in world is VSETT 11+, it can run up to 85 miles one charge.

The best long range electric scooter from Gyroor is X8, it has a long range of 31 miles.

How long does it take to go 1 mile on an electric scooter?

It takes you about 5 minutes to go 1 miles on electric scooter. When we walk 1 mile, we take about 20-25 minutes. If we ride a adult kick scooter, this time will be reduced by about 10-12 minutes. This time decreases again when we ride electric scooters. Assuming we are driving at 10mph, it will take about 6 minutes, and when driving at 15mph, it will take about 4 minutes.

Is electric scooter good for long distance?

Yes. We divide the mileage of electric scooters into long distance (20-40 miles), over-distance (40-60 miles), extreme distance (60+ miles).

As long as your scooter's mileage covers your long distances, riding an electric scooter is fine. Visit more details about our Gyroor X8.

If your single trip is more than 40 miles, then riding an electric scooter (electric scooter 40 mile range) is not recommended. Even if your e-scooter has the mileage to cover where you're going to ride. Because electric scooters are basically riding standing, standing for a long time will give you a bad riding experience.

Cheap long range electric scooter under 500

If you need an electric scooter for a long range of 20 miles, then you have a lot of cheap, beginner electric scooters to choose.

Gyroor HR9 is a beginner-level long-distance commuter electric scooter, with a 380W hub motor, 36V 10Ah battery, and a top speed of 18.6mph for about 23 miles.

Equipped with E-ABS and drum brakes, bright headlights and brake lights make your ride safer.

8.5-inch pneumatic tires, foldable design, 3-5 hours fast charging.


Gyroor HR9 - Folding electric scooter

Power:380W Speed:18.6mph Range:20-25miles Charging Time:3-5h

Long range electric scooter under 1000

If you are not satisfied with entry-level electric scooters or are on a budget. Then you can choose a higher configuration electric scooter to make your riding experience better. The powerful motor allows you to accelerate quickly and climb vigorously, and a good suspension can provide excellent shock absorption for a more comfortable ride.

The Gyroor X8 is an excellent long-distance electric scooter, with a 500W hub motor, a maximum load of 265lbs, and the ability to travel 31 miles at 18.6mph.

36Vx13Ah large capacity battery, 4.5 hours fast charging.

Unique 3-fold shock absorption configuration: front suspension system, 10-inch tires and rubber deck, the shock absorption effect is obvious, the riding experience is very good, suitable for long-distance riding.

Complete lighting system, including bright LED headlights, turn signals, and brake lights.

NFC unlocking, APP Bluetooth control, make your electric scooter unique.


Gyroor X8 - electric scooter with NFC card

Power:500W Speed:18.6mph Range:31miles Charging Time:4.5h

Long range electric scooter for sale

Gyroor electric scooters will have promotions from time to time, such as Black Friday sales, Christmas sales, etc. For product specific pricing, visit Gyroor Electric Scooter Prices.The price of our long distance electric scooter is $400-600.

What factors affect the maximum mileage of an electric scooter?


The capacity of the battery has a direct impact on the maximum mileage. The more the battery capacity, the longer the maximum mileage.


The combined weight of the rider and scooter will also affect the maximum range of the electric scooter. The higher the total weight, the lower the mileage that can be driven. Comparing a 60KG rider with a 120KG rider on the same electric scooter, the maximum mileage of a 120KG rider may be half that of a 60KG rider.


The mileage of downhill on an electric scooter is definitely more than the mileage uphill. In addition, the maximum mileage on flat roads is greater than that on rough roads. This is because going up hills and driving on rough roads consumes more energy.


The maximum mileage for downwind riding and headwind riding is different. Downwind mileage is more than headwind, because headwind needs to overcome wind resistance, while tailwind does not.


If you're just for city commuting and budget is not enough, then you can buy our cheap Gyroor HR9 electric scooter. If you want a better riding experience and are on a budget around $600, you can choose our Gyroor X8 electric scooter.

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