Electric skateboards are very popular now, so some people also want to buy electric skateboards for children. But you may have some questions, such as whether children can use electric skateboards? How to buy a suitable electric skateboard for children?

1. Are Electric Skateboards Good For Kids?

Yes, kids electric skateboards are very suitable for older children or teenagers, and they are great gifts. They are lightweight but durable. They provide enough speed to satisfy adventurous children, hours of outdoor sports, and even transportation. At the same time, they will not go too fast, reducing the chance of accidents and injuries.

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2. What Age Is Electric Skateboard For?

If an electric skateboard is to be legally used on the road, the rider must be at least 16 years old, must not drink alcohol or take psychotropic drugs, the maximum speed must not exceed 35mph, and wear safety helmets, etc.

But for kids electric skateboard, it is only a toy, you can buy one for kids 6+ years old.

3. What Size Electric Skateboard Should I Get For 10 Year Old?

The original electric skateboard was modified by adding batteries and motors on the common skateboard, so the size of the electric skateboard is the same as that of the ordinary skateboard. The selection of electric skateboard sizes is the same as that of common skateboards.

Size of electric skateboard for kids

According to this chart, the size of kids electric skateboard for 10 year old is 7.5”-8.0”.

4. Are Electric Skateboards Good For Beginners, Kids?

Yes. Whether it is an electric skateboard or an ordinary skateboard, beginners will eventually learn as long as they practice more. An electric skateboard is better than a common skateboard in that it is powered by a motor, so you don't have to kick to move forward, which is more friendly to beginners.

5. What Is The Best Size Electric Skateboard For A Kids, Beginner?

Children who are too young are not recommended to use electric skateboards (5 years old and below). Therefore, for children beginners, the recommended size of children's electric skateboards is 7.0"-8.0". For details, please refer to the chart above.

For teenagers or adult beginners, the recommended size of the electric skateboard is 7.75"-8.0". When your skating experience grows, you will know whether you should change to a wider skateboard.

6. Is A 7.5 Electric Skateboard Good For Kids, Beginners?

7.5” to 8.0” is the standard width of the skateboard, which can adapt to most riding. So 7.5” electric skateboard is good for beginners.

Buy if the beginner is a kid under 8 year old or height under 3’5”, he need a board smaller than 7.5”.

7. How Big Is A 8.0 Electric Skateboard?

Skateboard 8.0" means that the width of the skateboard is 8 inches, and the length is not fixed. Most 8.0 skateboards have a length of 31.75”, but depending on the brand, shape and bending length, their size is different, and the length may be longer to 32.35 inches, the shorter may be 30.75. In addition, if it is an electric longboard, its length will be longer.

When buying skateboards, we usually pay attention to the width of the skateboard rather than the length.

8. How To Buy The Best Electric Skateboard For Kids?

When you buy an electric skateboard for your child, you need to consider the price, skateboard size, skateboard weight, maximum speed, control mode, safety certification, etc.

  • Price:Buy the right electric skateboard according to your budget, and don't buy the skateboard with too low price, because low price means poor quality.
  • Size:Choose an electric skateboard with the right width according to your child's age, height, and shoe size
  • Weight:Please do not buy a skateboard that is too heavy, which is not conducive to children's carrying. In addition, the weight is too large, and the experience is not good when used as an ordinary skateboard.
  • Speed:The maximum speed of children's electric skateboards is generally 9-12mph. Please don't choose electric skateboards with too high maximum speed, children are prone to danger during riding.
  • Control mode:Some children's electric skateboards are controlled by a wireless remote control, while others are controlled by sensors. Please check it clearly when you buy it.
  • Safety certification: Please purchase an electric skateboard with UL2272 safety certification to avoid potential hazards such as overheating, fire, explosion, etc.

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9. Safety Tips for Kids Riding Electric Skateboard

Due to the lack of knowledge of things and the experience of dealing with dangerous situations, children will encounter various dangers when riding electric skateboards, so they need adult supervision.

  1. Wear a safety helmet and protective gear.
  2. Ridingin skating parks, empty squares.
  3. Ride in beginner mode.
  4. Ride in the sight of parents.

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