It has many fun and benefits to riding a hoverboard. But is it safe for children to ride on the hoverboard? What factors should be considered when buying? This is a problem that most parents usually encounter when planning to buy hoverboards for their children.

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Hoverboard Buying Guide For Kids And Beginners

1. Safety certificate

It is not recommended to buy hoverboards that lack UL 2272 certification at any time. This is a basic prerequisite for any board worth buying, and it shows that it can be used safely. Scooters without UL 2272 certification have a higher risk of fire or explosion. Therefore, any product that lacks UL 2272 safety certification should be avoided at all costs.

2. Weight Limit

The appropriate weight limit of the hoverboard depends entirely on who will use it. If it is only used by young children, the maximum weight limit of 120 pounds should be more than enough (the min weight requirement for the hoverboard is 44 pounds, please make sure your child meets this condition). It will also be used by heavier adults; choose something that weighs 260 pounds. The higher the load-bearing capacity of the skateboard, the safer and more stable the ride will be for heavier users.

3. Wheel Size

Most beginner hoverboards have 6.5-inch tires. This is more or less the standard for all entry-level hoverboards, which are designed for use on smooth surfaces. Hoverboards with 8.5-inch wheels are better off-road, although they are usually more expensive.

As a beginner, you may limit yourself to smooth, safe, or even flat surfaces. In this case, a 6.5-inch tire should be completely sufficient.

4. Speed Control

When you start using the hoverboard, you will appreciate a good top speed. At the first start, being slow and steady is the way to go. A beginner’s hoverboard usually has a top speed of about 6 mph, which is correct. A skateboard close to 9 mph or 10 mph is great for riding, but may not be suitable for children and beginners. Some boards have a variable speed control function, allowing the speed of the board to be limited or increased through the mobile application.

Best Hoverboard For Kids And Beginners

If you are looking for hoverboards for your kids, then Gyroor Warrior will be a good choice. This is because it is designed to withstand beatings from children and beginners.

Gyroor Warrior

With its unique design and sturdy structure, Gyroor Warrior is one of the most impressive off-road hoverboards. The huge shock-absorbing solid rubber tires are perfect for all types of surfaces. In addition, it has passed UL2272 certification, which means it has passed all fire safety tests. Now, you can rest assured that your child is riding safely and fun outdoors.

To make riding more fun, Gyroor Warrior allows listening to favorite music while riding. It comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and users can connect it to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. Colorful, flashing lights make it cooler. Your kids can use smart apps to easily set their favorite colors.

Not only that, Smart App also allows users to change modes, set anti-theft alarms, adjust riding speed, view trajectories, and more. It has a child self-balancing mode and an adult mode, which you can change according to the person using the board. You can also set a maximum speed limit to make your young children safer.


  • Great value for money
  • Excellent speed of up to 9.5 mph
  • Long battery life and fast charging
  • Tested to safely deal with various fire and electric shock hazards
  • Normal operation and smooth driving on all terrain
  • Adjustable speed and self-balancing technology functions are useful


  • This is an expensive option. But most users think it is worth the money.

The best hoverboard go kart accessory for children: Gyroor K1 seat accessory

Worried that your child will be bored after a few days on hoverboard? You are not alone.

Keeping this in mind, some brands have launched a cool retrofit kit on the market that can turn your child's hoverboard into an air-cushion vehicle. Compatible with most hoverboards, the Gyroor Go Kart K1 accessory is such a conversion kit. It can easily connect the kart to the hoverboard. Most children find it more fun than riding a hoverboard alone. In addition, it is safer for children to ride an air-cushion vehicle than to ride an air-cushion board.

If you are buying a hoverboard for your child, for the sake of safety, you'd better still need to buy protective gear.