The invention of electric skateboards has made more and more people using skateboards to commute. It allows you to quickly move from A to B, which greatly saves your time. When we consider to buy an electric skateboard, the main consideration is the mileage and maximum speed of the skateboard. So how fast is an electric skateboard?

Gyroor R1 - fast speed electric skateboard

How Fast Can Electric Skateboard Go?

The Max-speed of most electric skateboards can be from 18 to 28 mph (29-45 km/h). But there are some models on the market that can even exceed 40 mph (65 km/h), and some modified electric skateboards can be even faster. The e-skate max-speed varies from model to model and is determined by various factors such as motor power, battery capacity, rider weight, terrain and even wheel size.

What Is the Fastest Speed of Electric Skateboard?

Speaking of the fastest speed of electric skateboards, we have to mention the Guinness record set by Mischo Erba in 2016. Using a modified NGV electric skateboard, he ran a maximum speed of 59.55mph at the Slovenia airport.

So far, the fastest electric skateboard can reach 68 MPH, which is amazing.

Fast Does Not Mean Safety

For electric skateboards, any speed exceeding 30 mph is very fast. The fastest top speed is not always safe, so you must ensure your own safety at any time you ride.

The faster the speed, the longer the distance required to stop the brake, the more likely it is to collide, fall and other dangers, and the injuries will be more serious.

Therefore, you need to wear certified safety helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads, gloves, protective clothing and other protective equipment to reduce possible injuries.

Are Electric Skateboards Faster Than Ordinary Skateboards?

Yes, electric skateboards are definitely faster than ordinary skateboards. Most ordinary skateboards can reach 10-12mph on a flat surface, while the speed of electric skateboards is 18-28mph.

On a flat road, the speed of an ordinary skateboard is similar to that of a children's electric skateboard.

But when it's downhill, that's another matter. When going downhill, ordinary skateboards have been accelerating under the action of gravity, and the maximum speed can reach 60mph.

Electric skateboards will also accelerate when going downhill, but you must pay attention to safety, because many electric skateboards will recover power when braking. If you use a fully charged electric skateboard battery to brake, it may be overcharged. Once the battery is Fully charged, then the hand-held brake function will stop working.

You must learn how to stop it manually. It is best to ride downhill without any electronic skateboards that require electric brakes.

In addition, you shouldn't even try to exceed the maximum speed limit of the e-skateboard by sprinting downhill. Rather than repeatedly pressing the brake button to control the speed limit, the safest way to manage downhill riding is to apply the brakes steadily.

Are Electric Skateboards More Dangerous Than Ordinary Skateboards?

It depends. Ordinary skateboards are not designed for the fast speed. It is used for many different park and street skills. Electric skateboards are made as a commuter vehicle, not as a trick.

The venue makes all the difference. If you want to do tricks with an electric skateboard, it is more dangerous than a traditional skateboard, because it is heavier and is not used for this. Likewise, if you are driving on a car road instead of on a sidewalk, it will be more dangerous.

On the other hand, electric skateboards have brakes, so they can stop faster and control the speed of the downhill when necessary. Ordinary skateboards will gain a lot of speed and are completely unable to handle the hills safely.

Skateboards are usually smaller than electric skateboards, so they are safe in the crowd. Compared with electric skateboards that are heavier and cannot turn quickly, they can dodge more flexibly and react quickly to obstacles.

After all, your safety equipment is also very important. If you are not wearing a helmet and protective pad, it does not matter which option you choose. If you lose control and crash, neither option is as safe as walking. This is especially true for electric skateboards, because the higher kinetic energy means that you will receive a greater impact in the event of a collision. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear suitable safety equipment when riding.

What Affects The Maximum Speed Of Electric Skateboards

The maximum speed of the electric skateboard is determined when it leaves the factory. The following is an analysis of the factors that affect the maximum speed of the electric skateboard and how to make the electric skateboard run faster.

1. Motor Power

The motor is the heart of the electric skateboard, providing strong power to the electric skateboard. The electric skateboard motor power starts from 100W and can reach up to 4500W.

The motor power is proportional to the speed of your skateboard. Therefore, a skateboard with a larger motor is always faster.

2. Brand

Most electric skateboards produced by brands are common electric skateboards. But there are some brands that specialize in producing fast electric skateboards, electric skateboards for athletes, and skateboards for other purposes.

3. Component Quality

The quality of the electric skateboard also affects the maximum speed. The electric skateboard is composed of various components. If a component is poor quality and cannot support the impact of a higher speed, it will be damaged, thereby affecting the maximum speed. On the other hand, the higher the maximum speed of an electric skateboard, the better its quality.

4. Battery Output Power

The battery and the motor work together. If the battery does not have the same power output, then a powerful motor is useless.

5. Wheel Size and Type

Wheel size and wheel type will also change the maximum speed of the electric skateboard. In the case of sufficient power, if we can make the motor rotate at the same speed, then the larger the wheel, the greater the riding speed.

  • Larger wheels have higher top speeds, but slower acceleration and less torque
  • Smaller wheels have lower top speeds, but faster acceleration and torque.
  • Off-road or all-terrain wheels will increase a lot of ride comfort, but will also reduce the top speed, because the resistance is significantly increased.

6. Gear Ratio

The motor does not need more than one gear because it has a high speed, it is efficient in a wide RPM range, and can generate good torque from low RPM. By still providing good torque and acceleration, the motor can easily adapt to the top speed. High-speed gear transmission is indispensable, and there are no major disadvantages in terms of acceleration or torque.

7. Wireless Controller

Almost every electric skateboard company provides a variety of riding modes with different speeds and performances for skateboards, and they are controlled by a wireless remote control. To achieve the highest speed, you can only set the electric skateboard to the highest performance through the remote control.

8. Charge the Battery

The faster the electric skateboard rides, the more power it consumes. We often find that the maximum speed of an electric skateboard will decrease after being fully charged and riding for a period of time. This is because the battery power is reduced and the voltage is reduced, resulting in a reduction in output power, which ultimately affects the maximum speed.

If you want to challenge the maximum speed of an electric skateboard, then please fully charge the battery.

9. Riders Weight and Experience

The rider's weight has a great influence on the speed of the electric skateboard. The heavier the rider, the slower the electric skateboard. The rider's weight not only affects the maximum speed, but also affects the cruising range and climbing ability.

In addition, the rider’s experience is also very important. Experienced riders know how to reduce wind resistance and maximize skateboarding speed.

10. Terrain and Weather

Terrain and weather conditions also affect the maximum speed of electric skateboards.

  1. On hills, ramps and other slopes, as well as on roads with rocks or rough surfaces, the maximum speed of the electric skateboard will be reduced.
  2. On downhill, smooth roads, electric skateboards can reach a greater maximum speed
  3. In addition, the wind direction will also affect the speed, driving against the wind will reduce your speed. Driving downwind, your speed will increase.

Safety Tips For Riding An Electric Skateboard

Whether you are riding an electric skateboard or an ordinary skateboard, safety always comes first. I wrote some suggestions on how to ride an electric skateboard safely in another article. If you are interested, you can click and view below.

22 Tips Let You Riding Electric Skateboard Safer

Where Can I Buy the Best Electric Skateboard 2022?

Riding an electric skateboard has become a fun sport that people love very much, and it is very economical and affordable.

If you are considering buying an electric skateboard in 2022, then you can take a look at this Gyroor R1, 1100W motor, max speed 22 mph, long range 23 miles, 90mm PU wheels, 36V 6Ah battery.

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