How Much Are Hoverboards Right Now?

October 11, 2021

Want to buy a hoverboard as a gift for yourself or your child, but don’t know the reasonable price? Worried about spending more money and buying a cheaper product?

gyroor hoverboard with seat

How Much Are Hoverboards Right Now

You can refer to the price of the hoverboard on Amazon right now. The price of the hoverboard on Amazon is generally $100-299.

Of course, there are some hoverboards that cost more than $300, even as high as $500. When you choose to buy these products, you must seriously consider the brand, function, quality, and warranty of these products.

How much does a hoverboard cost 2021?

I counted the prices of all products on the first page of Amazon's hoverboard in October 2021, and then came up with an average value. The average price of a hoverboard cost is $178.

How much do Hoverboards cost right now?

Want to buy a high quality hoverboard with a good price? Usually the quality 6.5” hoverboard price is around $149, but if you want more functions such: Bluetooth, Music Speaker, Flash LED Lights, APP control,etc. You should pay more money. Gyroor G11 6.5” flash LED hoverboard with Buletooth Speaker, App, price is $199.

How much are the cheapest Hoverboards?

The cheapest hoverboard price is $140. This data comes from the data on the first page of Amazon's hoverboard search results. Therefore, when the price of the hoverboard you buy is less than $140, you have to consider why it is so cheap. For example, if the product is second-hand, returned, repaired defective product, whether it has UL2272 safety certification, etc.

What is the best hoverboard to buy 2021?

When you buy a hoverboard, you must consider the crowd and usage scenarios, which can help you quickly choose the right hoverboard.

For kids, teens, and beginners - the 6.5" hoverboard is very suitable, because the 6.5" hoverboard is not very fast. Of course, appearance, color, and LED lights are also very important.

Buy Gyroor G11 6.5” flash light hoverboard at price $199.

Gyroor G11

For adults, stunners, and off-roaders - Maximum load, speed, and off-road performance are very important. So the 8.5” hoverboard is very suitable, the fastest speed may up to 10 mph, at least 265lbs.

Buy Gyroor Warrior 8.5” off road hoverboard at price $299.

Gyroor warrior off road hoverboard


The hoverboard best price right now is from $140 to $299.

Please choose the most suitable hoverboard at a reasonable price according to your needs.

Gyroor provide the best hoverboard for you, our products warranty is 1 year and the battery warranty is 6 months. All of our products are UL2272 certified.


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