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Gyroor Black Friday Deals 2021

novembre 22, 2021

This year’s Black Friday promotion has begun. In order to help you purchase gifts more easily, Gyroor has compiled our products and promotion information to help you make choices quickly.

Our deals list includes electric bikes, electric scooters, Pro scooterGyroshoes, inline skates and child protective gear kits.

Gyroor Black Friday Deals

Gyroor Electric Bike Black Friday Deals

We only provide C3 electric bike for you.

Save $150 on our Gyroor C3 electric bike deal

Gyroor c3 electric bike for adults, commuting, 450w ebike with 18.6mph up to 28 mileage, 14in air-filled tires, dual disc braking, 3 riding modes.

Gyroor C3

Gyroor Scooters Black Friday Deals

Gyroor provide electric scooters and pro scooter for you.

Save $50 on Gyroor X8 Electric scooter

Gyroor X8 folding electric scooter for trip, 10 inch wheels with dual shock absorbers; Long range 31 miles, max speed 18.6 mph; NFC unlock and Smart APP controlled.

Gyroor X8

Save $70 on Gyroor HR9 Electric Scooter

Gyroor electric scooter adults, up to 25 miles long-range battery, 19 mph with powerful 380w motor, 8.5"pneumatic tire folding electric scooter for commuting and travel with double braking system.

Gyroor HR9

Save $70 on Gyroor H30 Electric Scooter

Gyroor H30 Electric Scooter For Kids, Teens, Boys And Girls, Lightweight And Adjustable Handlebar, Rechargeable Battery, 5 Mph Limit.

Also have a $5 Off coupon: H30-5

Gyroor H30


Save $25 at Gyroor Z1 Pro Scooter

Gyroor Z1 pro scooters with 110mm wheels, trick scooters up to 4 bolts for kids 8+ years old. Stunt scooter for tricks teens and adults 220 lbs, bmx scooter for beginners, boys, girls.

Gyroor Z1


Gyroshoes Black Friday Deals

We provide hovershoes and inline skates for you.

Save $382 on Gyroshoes S300

Different from other self-balancing hoverboards, Gyroshoes electric self-balancing hovershoes are simpler and more fun.

Gyroshoes S300


Save $10 on Gyroshoes W1 Inline Skates

Gyroshoes W1 kids inline skates with 8 light up wheels, 4 adjustable sizes, triple safety protection, outdoor roller blades for kids, girls and boys, beginners. Best gift for kids.

Gyroor W1


Save $10 on Gyroor W2 Inline Skates

Gyroshoes W2 inline skates for kids, cleanable liner, 2 roller skating modes, upgraded protection, 4 size adjustable, outdoor roller blades for kids, boys and girls. Shop now!

 Gyroor W2


Don't know which to buy? Below are our suggestions.

Gifts for Kids

Gifts for kids 6+ years old, we suggest our Gyroshoes S300, W1, W2, H30 and Z1.

Gifts for Adults

Gifts for Adults, we suggest our Gyroshoes S300, C3, X8, HR9, Z1.

Gifts for Teens

Gifts for Teens, we suggest our Gyroshoes S300, Z1.

Gifts for Commuting, Trips & Travel

For commuting, trips and travel, our C3, X8 and HR9 are best for you.

Gyroor Products

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