Hoverboards are a popular outdoor riding product for kids and teens. It is also liked by adults. So how to buy the right hoverboard for you is very important. Below is the buying guide for hoverboard.


Weight limit: How much weight can a self-balancing scooter hold?

  • When purchasing a hoverboard for your child, you can choose hoverboards with 5"wheels, and they have a maximum load of 220lbs.
  • When shopping for a hoverboard for yourself, you can opt for hoverboards with 5"wheels, which have a maximum payload of 265lbs and will fit most adults.
  • If you weigh more than 265lbs, then you need to buy hoverboards designed for overweight people, they can carry a maximum load of 300lbs or 350lbs.

Note: There is also a minimum weight requirement for the use of hoverboards, if you are buying for a child, please make sure the child's weight is greater than 44lbs.

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Speed: What is a good speed for a self-balancing scooter?

The top speed of the hoverboard varies by model.

On average, with a basic self-balancing board, you'll be able to hit speeds of 6 to 8 miles per hour. Premium models may be able to hit 10 miles per hour.

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Brands: What is the best self-balancing scooter brand?

Which hoverboard is the safest and most reliable? Gyroor has the safest hoverboards on the market. All of our electric products have passed the UL2272 safety certification. In addition, our latest Y1 series hoverboards are made of aluminum alloy shell, which is sturdy and durable.

Sensors: How do the sensors work on a self balancing scooter?

The hoverboard's wheels house not only an electric motor, but also a tilt and speed sensor. This sensor detects the rpm (revolutions per minute) of individual wheels and sends it to a gyroscope and speed control board located inside the body, next to the wheel.

Battery life: How long can a hoverboard run for?

Most hoverboards can last up to 1 hour of continuous use on a single charge, which is about 7 miles based on distance.

But some fast hoverboards and off-road hoverboards, they have large capacity batteries, can last 1-2 hours of continuous use, and can travel more than 10 miles by distance.

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Safety: How safe is hoverboard?

Hoverboards have become safer now after experiencing fires, explosions and other incidents.

But some injuries are unavoidable, such as collisions, abrasions, falls, etc. Therefore, when riding the hoverboard, you should wear protective equipment such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads.

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Price: How much is a hoverboard cost?

On the market, the price of new hoverboards is mainly between $150-$400. The higher the price, the more features (Bluetooth, speakers, APP control) and the better the performance (fast speed, off-road).

Speed: How fast are hoverboards?

The average top speed of a hoverboard is about 6 to 8mph. But off road all terrain hoverboard with bigger wheels and stronger engines runs faster, with top speeds more than 10 mph.

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Motors: Which type of motor is used in hoverboard?

There are 2 motors commonly used in hoverboards, brushless and brushed. But brushless direct current (DC) motors are 20 to 30 percent more efficient than brushed motors. Therefore, most of the hoverboards now use brushless motors.

Wattage: How many watts does a hoverboard have?

Hoverboards use a dual-motor system, with one motor inside each wheel. The supplier will measure the power of each motor, if a single motor power is 300W, it is written as 300 x 2 watts. This means that the total motor power is 600 watts.

Each motor is rated between 250 watts (250w) to 400 watts (400w), so you'll see the hoverboard draw between 500W-800W in total. The more powerful the motor, the more rugged terrain it can handle and the faster it can go.

Common hoverboard motors have a total power of 500W or 600W.

Charging times: How long does it take to charge a hoverboard?

The charging time of a hoverboard is generally 2-3 hours. It is mainly determined by the battery capacity with the hoverboard. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the charging time.

To make your hoverboard last longer in a single full charge, please fully charge the battery after receiving the hoverboard before using it for the first time.

Gyroor Hoverboard comparison

Gyroor has 3 new hoverboard arrival this year, below are the comparison of them.

Models Y1 Pro Y1 Y1S
Price $329 $265.99 $279.99
Motor 350Wx2 300Wx2 250Wx2
Ages 6-12+ 6-12+ 6-12+
Max-Load 265 lbs 220 lbs 220 lbs
Max-Speed 10 mph 7.95 mph 7.95 mph
Range 5.5-11 miles 3.75-7.95 miles 3.75-7.95 miles
Climbing ≦30° ≦30° ≦30°
IP Rating IP54 IP54 IP54
Charge Time 2.5H 2H 2H
Battery Capacity 148 Wh 92.5 Wh 148 Wh