When you see other people riding an electric skateboard quickly shuttle, do you also want to buy one? Yes, then you will think how much is an electric skateboard?

Electric Skateboard

How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost?

When you buy electric skateboards on Amazon or brand websites, you will find that it is so expensive? Compared with the tens of dollars for ordinary skateboards, the price of electric skateboards ranges from $200-$4000. If you want to buy a better electric skateboard, then you have to spend $400-$4000.

Why Does The Electric Skateboard Is So Expensive?

Electric skateboards have motor, battery, controller and other components than ordinary skateboards, so they are more expensive. The following is the cost of each part of the electric skateboard.

1. Battery

The most valuable part of an electric skateboard is the battery. It not only provides power for the running of the skateboard, but also adds weight to the skateboard. The battery consists of multiple smaller battery cells.

The size of the battery capacity determines the motor power, torque and riding range of the electric skateboard.

There are three common skateboard batteries: LiPo, Li-ion and LiFePo batteries. The most common one is Li-ion batteries, which are more balanced in price and capacity, and are safer to use and have a longer lifespan.

The cost of an electric skateboard battery is usually about $150 to $1,200. The larger the battery, the greater the capacity and the better its performance.


The motor of the electric skateboard is also very important, because the motor provides power to the electric skateboard. The motor obtains energy from the battery and rotates to drive the skateboard to travel. Now mainstream electric skateboards have dual motors, and you have to spend hundreds of dollars on them. The minimum price of a single motor is $50, and some are even as high as $300.

The quality of the motor is determined by the parameter KV. KV refers to revolutions per volt per minute (RPM). The average KV range of electric skateboard motors is 170 to 270 KV. The lower the KV value, the higher the torque, the lower the maximum speed, and the lower the price. The higher the KV value, the smaller the torque, the faster the maximum speed, and the higher the price.

3. Deck Shape And Material

Electric skateboards are made of materials: wood, composite materials, carbon fiber, glass fiber, etc. The final price of skateboards made of different materials is different.

Common skateboards are made of wood on the inner layer and composite material on the outer layer.

The main components of the composite material are: flexible cloth and epoxy resin, which provide sufficient rigidity for the skateboard. The advantage is that it is very light and durable, corrosion-resistant and high-impact strength, and provides unlimited possibilities in the shape design.

Wood is more flexible and can offset a lot of vibration when riding on bumpy roads, giving you a better riding experience.

The price of a wooden deck is usually between $30 and $200. The cost of carbon fiber decks is very high, ranging from $200 to $500.

4. Truck And Wheels

The cost of trucks and wheels is mainly determined by the design and manufacturing materials.

Trucks and wheels are the most stressed parts of the entire electric skateboard. If you buy cheap trucks or wheels, they are easily damaged under harsh riding conditions. If they are made of inferior or linked materials, the wear rate will be faster.

Generally speaking, the higher the price of electric skateboards, the better the raw materials used for trucks and wheels. The price of trucks and wheels add up to $100-$400.

5. Circuit Design, Electronic Components And Remote Control

Electric skateboards also contain other electronic components, such as ESCs, wiring, remote controls, etc., which will increase the cost of electric skateboards, usually at a price of $100-$750.

The price range is so large because the price between each part is a range.

6. Brand

Compared with lesser-known products, buying top brand electric skateboards will pay more. But these extra costs are worth it, because you will get better warranty terms and better customer service. Of course, you can save money by buying general-purpose electric skateboards. As long as you carefully study the product parameters before buying, then you can get the same quality skateboard as the top brand at an additional cost of about 300 US dollars.

7. Customer Service And Warranty

When we buy any product, we hope that we can get good customer service and warranty service. But for the company, this means additional financial expenses. They need to hire dedicated customer personnel to do after-sales service, and good warranty service will bring risks. Therefore, a product with a warranty is more expensive than a product without a warranty.

8. Location Of The Company

The location of the product company will also affect the price of the product. The price of the product in the United States, Australia and Europe is higher than that in other regions.

The main factors are product production cost, transportation cost and tax policy.

If you buy from countries with low production costs, transportation costs, and low taxes, then you will spend less.

9. Economy of Scale

Economies of scale are derived from reducing costs and increasing production. Electric skateboards have not yet popular globally, so product demand is relatively low, which limits the cost advantage of mass production of products. Electric skateboard manufacturers have to produce high costs products in small quantities.

Will Electric Skateboards Become Cheaper And Cheaper?

The factors that determine whether electric skateboards become cheaper are whether consumer demand increases and battery costs will decrease. At present, competition in the electric skateboard market is still relatively low, and economies of scale are not yet obvious. But over time, I personally think that electric skateboards will definitely become cheaper in the future.

How To Buy A Cheap Electric Skateboard

Search the electric skateboard brand + coupon on Google, such as “Gyroor Coupon”, you will find many results. Spend a few minutes browsing these search results pages, you will find some alive coupons, use it on the checkout page, you can save yourself a fee.

Many brand websites have Affiliate projects, find these pages and register an account, then you can get a coupon code, use the code on the checkout page, you can save a lot of money. (Note: Some affiliate projects do not allow self-promotion, so please prepare 2 different email accounts).

How Much Does It Cost To DIY Build An Electric Skateboard?

You can buy an electric skateboard DIY kit to build your own electric skateboard, but it may not be as economical as you think.

The price range of self-assembled electric skateboards is approximately between $300 and $1,000. This price range is within the price range of normal purchase of assembled skateboards.

So if you like to do it yourself and save a few dollars, this might be a way. If you just want to have an electric skateboard that can be ridden, this is not a good choice.

Other Cost After You Buying An Electric Skateboard

When you buy a new electric skateboard, do you think it's over? No, you also need to buy some other accessories, just like you buy a protective case for your phone.

10. Accessories

There are two kinds of accessories, one is for protection, and the other is to make you look cooler.

Here are some accessories you may need:

  • Helmets - Protect your head.
  • Knee pads, wrist pads, elbow pads, gloves - Knee pads, wrist pads, elbow pads, gloves-protect joints and hands and reduce injuries.
  • Protective clothing - protects the skin and reduces abrasions.
  • Lights - It is necessary for riding at night, allowing you to see the road clearly and be seen by others.
  • Deck Skins - Make the deck look super cool.
  • Backpacks - Carry other commonly used items, such as mobile phones, water bottle.
  • Carrying Cases - Easy to carry skateboard.

In order to ride safely, a helmet is necessary, enjoy your riding now.

11. Charging Cost

Like electric bicycles and electric scooters, the charging cost of electric skateboards is very low. The charging fee is determined based on the battery capacity of the electric skateboard and the local electricity price. Charging cost=battery capacity/1000*electricity price. Assuming that the capacity of the capacitor is 400WAh and the electricity price is $0.5, the charge per charge is 400/1000*0.5=$0.2. As the electricity charge gap in various regions is very large, this data is for reference only, but overall the charge charge is very low.

12. Maintenance

In order to maintain good performance and extend the life of the skateboard, you should check and maintain your electric skateboard regularly, including proper cleaning and maintenance of bearings, motors and batteries.

  • The bearings are cleaned and oiled regularly.
  • Regularly check and adjust bolts and screws.
  • Replace bearings and tires from time to time.

13. Replace Battery

The battery of the electric skateboard is a lithium battery. After 300-1000 charging cycles, the power will reach 80% of the capacity. At this time, you need to replace the new battery.

Suppose you use an electric skateboard every day, run out of power, and then fully charge it, then your electric skateboard battery can last about 1-3 years.

The cost of battery replacement for electric skateboards ranges from $150 to $500.


The price of an electric skateboard is $400-$4000, and the cost of DIY production is $300-$1000. Compared with ordinary skateboards, the initial investment of buying an electric skateboard is relatively large, but all of this is worth it. If you are commuting, then You will be able to save this money back soon.

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