Today we're talking about storing your electric skateboard during the winter. For many of you that have some harsher winters with snowfall, you won't be able to ride your e-skates. Today we wanted to go over a couple of quick tips when it comes to storing your electric board and battery.

Gyroor electric skateboard

When To Store Your Electric Skateboard?

For winter, when storing electric skateboards, the only thing we really need to care about is the battery. Just like owning an electric car, you definitely want to take care of your batteries, especially if you plan to not use them for a long time.

Should I Fully Charged The Electric Skateboard Battery Before Storing In Winter?

When the snow finally falls, it's time to put away your e-Skates for a while. Your first instinct may be to charge your battery so that it has enough battery life to survive the winter. Your instinct is only half right. Li-ion batteries are happiest when they are stored at around 60%.

Therefore, letting the battery be 100% fully charged will put unnecessary stress on the battery pack when storing. And it will affect the battery life of the battery for a long time. Once your board is sitting around 60%, you will want to find a good place to keep it.

Where To Store Your Electric Skateboard?

We really recommend putting it in a place where the temperature can be controlled.

Extreme temperatures are also detrimental to the health of the battery, so you definitely don't want to leave it in a cold freezer garage. This is really bad for your battery.

Should I Check The Battery Regularly?

We really recommend you checking the electric skateboard battery once, pay attention to the charge level of the battery to make sure it has not dropped unexpectedly. Leaving the battery discharged too low is also harmful to the health of the battery, so you must check it from time to time.

Should I Exercise The Battery At Some Point?

It is also good to turn on the battery occasionally and exercise the battery for a short time.

Because your battery will not be completely immobile for a few months.

Can The Battery Be Removed During Storage?

If you really don't want store the skateboard in the house all winter, you can also remove the battery from your board, put your board in the storage room, and put your battery somewhere in the house.

But keep in mind that it’s still a good idea to exercise the battery occasionally, so if you plan to separate the battery from the electric skateboard, keep that in mind.

Short in Conclusion

  • Place the electric skateboard in a temperature-controllable, dry room to avoid moisture.
  • In order to avoid battery over-discharge and ensure battery life, please charge the battery regularly to keep the battery power within the range of 40%-60%.
  • Turn on the electric skateboard every few weeks and exercise the battery by turning the wheels for a few minutes.
  • If you still want to ride in winter, try to avoid wet, slippery and muddy roads.
  • In winter, the temperature is low, and battery performance will decrease. Don't expect the same range as summer.

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